How Apple Plans To Become A Big Player In Health Care


Apple has made some bold moves into health care, a market reportedly worth trillions. But the company’s strategy is a bit elusive as it walks the fine line between wellness and medicine.

Most recently, the company announced a new blood oxygen sensor on the Apple Watch Series 6 and a partnership with the Singaporean government to incentivize Apple Watch users to be more healthy. But the company’s strategy is a bit elusive as it walks the fine line between wellness and medicine.

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How Apple Plans To Become A Big Player In Health Care

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  1. Paulo Justiniano Okubo says

    The CNBC Reporter KiF Leswing needs to learn how to iron his work shirt . He looks like he just woke up and was late to the video call and did not have time to get ready and look presentable.

  2. Naruto Uzumaki says

    we need 1 trillion$ tech to tell you you need to eat more brocoli no other way to go about it saves apple

  3. Bellairking TV says

    He should reall look into the future for those teeth of his

  4. Z says

    Is he a Top or Bottom?? Yuk!

  5. Brock Madigan says

    We make radios, tvs and watches. Now we do Health Care. doesn't taste right.

  6. Like Father Like Son says

    Tim Apple is so detached from reality…he actually thinks he can time travel.

  7. masseiy says

    I think it’s a smart move, especially with the pandemic a lot of people are more health conscious. If they can make the Apple Watch can be an official medical device that insurance or HSA funds can cover they can secure a huge bag. They have the money to make the official shift to legitimize themselves especially if the sensors are very accurate.

  8. David Motyka says

    Can Apple watches measure high blood pressure?

  9. Carlos Gonçalves says

    Why do I need the apple watch if I can buy honor band 5 that has the same functionalities, and cost 1/10 the price!

  10. S Gill says

    Apple did not invent the touch screen smart phone GTFOH!!

  11. trol Mct says

    Apple didn't invent the touch screen smart phone.

  12. Uttaran Ghosal says

    Apple's innovation is very good i trust
    Thank you apple🍎🍎🍎🍎

  13. Nature Good says

    Crap ads…

  14. Candis says

    DUDE!!! Attention Kif Leswing: You have gotten too comfortable @ home working remotely. Your shirt has more wrinkles than Betty White's face! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. You have to care and do better in your next video. CNBC I am surprised you allowed for this video to be uploaded onto your channel. Your network needs more quality control!

  15. Uthman Baksh says

    I have yet to buy an Apple Watch. Maybe now I will because as I get older, my health will deteriorate, just like my grandparents and even my parents now.

  16. Yun Sean says


  17. Israel Barrera says

    Hopefully so. Make it take your blood pressure and see if your body functioning well

  18. Salomon Dushimirimana says

    Imagine thinking that apples' competitive edge is the user interface! That sounds funny.

  19. Kyle Wollman says

    An Apple each day keeps your doctor away.

  20. Paul Order says

    This apple kind of people are really non relative to this planet .

  21. Akouna Matata says

    Mr Tim Cook. Did u fall on ur head. Or the quality of weed u are using is not really on top of it

    An engineer could never be a doctor

    Focus on creativity and spend trillions and every last dime u have in innovation

    Samsung is advancing insanely fast.

    If u don't create something new. something creative.

    U lost the game. U lost the market. U lost the cash.
    Then go invest in selling socks and panties. If u have some cash left

    Google buys one new company every week.

    Why does Apple go cheap refusing to buy new startups and technologies

  22. randy heriawan says

    Since the pandemic began, every Big Companies just invested heavily in Healthcare business, they know it could bring a tons of money

  23. Jack Auvil says

    This Ad was 15:30 long.

  24. Tal says

    I mean these sensors were in Samsung phones in the S9 and Note 9 so Apple is certainly no the first to attempt this.

  25. chomihai says

    What’s the next big thing?

  26. Jashwin Reddy says

    reporter: having doubts abt apple entering this new market
    same report: wearing airpods

  27. Viktor S says

    Apple are not an innovator. They're the most successful marketing company out there. They 'invented' nothing. They 'smoothened' it and marketed it perfectly to consumers.
    Let's get the 'facts' straight here CNBC. Plenty of touch screens and 'smartphones' existed before the iPhone.

  28. JC K says

    My health I n the hands of this greedy company?

  29. Paul Palmer says

    All of your data will be sent to your insurance company someday and the price you pay will be depending on your data..

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