How Are ESports and Gaming faring in The Age of Covid?


This is a bit of a “deep dive” into how ESports and Game Publishers are surviving in The Age of Covid.

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  1. LtBuzzLitebeer says

    Just like all of us, ESports and Game Publishers have had to quickly adapt to a marketplace that changed rapidly. What was done and how has it worked?

  2. SLOW says

    Buzz, just wanted to stop and say that the coverage you are doing across gaming as a whole is getting very solid.Great job, man

  3. Stoneage Productions says

    how would i even know?, my best guess is, everybody alreddy got COVID-19 without knowing it, because all theire thinking about is money, just like the rest. much like the TV reporters and news journalists. radical with aids and cancer.

  4. Valkanna .Nublet says

    I regularly watch Smite tournaments, and they're still going strong. The only change is that instead of gathering at a big crowded event it's all done online. It's rather amusing seeing the professional commentators doing it from home not on stage, and looking like any random Twitch streamer.I'd imagine the lack of events does just hurt the venue, it's also a big earner for the games companies too, with share of the ticket, selling merchandise, and so on.

  5. Twisted Souls says


  6. Chris Stansen says

    Good commentary, thanks

  7. Yorkshire Pud says

    The Plague would favour the Devil!

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