How CHELSEA FC Will Beat NORWICH TODAY | CHELSEA vs NORWICH MATCH PREVIEW. Chelsea vs Norwich in the Premier League. Kick Off at 20:15 UK time. Chelsea FC will be looking to beat already relegated Norwich to cement their position in third place in the Premier League table with three games still to play. Chelsea FC are looking to bounce back following Sheffield United 3-0 Chelsea last time out! Let me know your predicted Chelsea Starting XI in the Comments below!

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Chelsea vs Norwich Premier League 14/7/20 20:15 UK time at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea have been gifted after both Bournemouth and Southampton halt Leicester and Manchester United’s progress in the race for a Champions League spot. After Manchester City’s CAS appeal was successful, their Champions League ban was overturned. This means that only third and fourth place in the Premier League will be rewarded with Champions League football next season!

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  1. Zayan Asif says

    It's not the football god but Allah that helped us

  2. Qaran Doon says

    6 things we learn from Chelsea vs Norwich……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  3. A R says

    You overrate RLC cause he's handsome lolI feel like that's the case with a lot of Chels fans hahaha

  4. Joffrey 23 says

    Whose here after we won 1-0

  5. Amaan Zubair says

    We won. Chelsea won 1-0

  6. George Martin says

    If Tammy wants 130K a week I wouldn’t give him another contract

  7. Fresh Fingers says

    You have spoken our hearts . Thank them for us . Cameroon ?? in the building

  8. King of Darkness says

    Like u

  9. Wilson Osemene says

    Can someone ask Zouma and Rudiger if they have got 20kg set dumbbells tied to their legs? So disgusting their passes…

  10. Suleman Toosy says

    Just u wait until our lingardinhio shats on u in da fa cup

  11. obiaku1 says

    It’s so risky keeping lampard as coach of this team

  12. Richard Sleep says

    Nice one. If Super Frankie needs a break George could always have a go 😉

  13. Garret Okeeffe says

    Actually got the starting line-up pretty spot on.

  14. obiaku1 says

    Lampard maradona and George benson player is not on today, a player I be always felt should not be in the squad based on the quality of players we have but have managed to confuse everybody except me by his goals because the name of the game is goals.

  15. Talhah Mayat says

    Where does this guy live

  16. Chelsea Fans Dublin says

    I cant believe franks starting alonso,what is he doing

  17. Ryan Gatu says

    Thank you bourmouth and Manchester United ❤️❤️

  18. Shivam Shinde says

    Honestly i just think we should stop looking for the next jt and be looking at one of a kind player who has his own attributes that compliment his partner cb's attributes???????????

  19. Emmanuel Collison says

    If we winWe are in the UCLI have calculated

  20. U1.Stippz says

    I think we should play 3-4-3 like how conte did with Marcos Alonso and James as wingbacks and have Hudson odoi on the right

  21. Moon Dust says

    3 full backs, zouma, Christensen, and tomori.. with James playing Moses' role is defensively better since Kante isn't available, there is 0.00 security without Kante. Also that gives James a little more freedom when attacking because he's got some solid skills and tricks. Same goes for Cesar, or Alonso for even more offensive support.

  22. Erick97 says

    Even as a Norwich fan, they're getting hard to watch now

  23. Diwani Masters says

    Sad to say but Barkley will start…

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