How Chelsea Smashed Brighton 3-1 Timo Werner & Kai Havertz Chelsea's New Boys Analysis


How Chelsea Smashed Brighton 3-1 Timo Werner & Kai Havertz Chelsea’s New Boys Analysis
Brighton vs Chelsea

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  1. MrNiceHk says

    Chelsea Smashed ? Brighton … did you watch the game

  2. Amadi Jude says

    We were lucky to walk out of that stadium with 3points. Brighton is a giant killer. But we will school them in the second leg. Up blues!

  3. Denis Bannah says

    We are coming very strong 💪🏻. The season has just begun. Chelsea is gonna be a great team to watch whether some people believe it or not. I have confidence in my Chelsea team.

  4. oozyVsak47 ll says

    Why is lampard playing mount on that side he has no quality to play there.. that's hudson odoi wing

  5. Rasul Ken says

    Loftus cheek lost form..we could beat Brighton 5 :1…Loftus cheek must go on loan…

  6. valtteri its james says

    Playing mason mount (who cant run with the ball) as a winger is not smart…he is a good presser but he just cannot consistently dribble past defenders or find that pass that can unlock the defence…cho should have been tested vs Brighton as a winger

  7. Trini Godbless Youth says

    Thiago n Zouma

  8. C.R.7 G.O.A.T says

  9. Richard Grace says

    "How chelsea smashed brighton"…. yeah I definitely would use that verbiage too be the scoreline is very decepting… brighton held the ball the most and chelsea looked like ahit offensively amd their midflied was bleh at best outside lf kante… all the goals were by defenders

  10. Abdul Gafoor says

    What rubbish when Chelsea wins one of top 5 teams then talk

  11. Lace Up XX says

    The video not playing as the pundit is talking is frustrating. Plus it keeps on repeating what they were saying wtf is this

  12. Dunstan Darlington says

    We should be going for three points against Liverpool, to stamp our authority in this new season .we have the pedigree along with the belief.

  13. Dunstan Darlington says

    We should be glad we got that result,to go in to the Liverpool game ,we need captain America to cause some problems for Liverpool.

  14. Dunstan Darlington says

    Brighton played brilliantly, against Chelsea and could easily have gotten a better reasult

  15. Manual Mandela says

    Wow.Thats my country


    Why are we using the smash phrase

  17. braniac IQ 2000 transsit era says

    Kepa ….love the guy hate the goalie

  18. Mustapha Dauda says

    Nice one 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭 is nice to throw light on ghana

  19. Omobo Jah'swill says

    Brighton played really well and had better chances but Chelsea was more clinical in scoring. We will start smashing when we have our full squad back and ready- Pulisic, Ziyech, Thiago, Ben, and Kai returning to his favorite position #10 behind Werner.

  20. aaedgar92 says

    What is the point of uploading this video if we can't even see 70% of it :/

  21. Trevor Saunders says

    Rob Green saying the keeper should have saved Brighton's goal, has he no memory of the goal he let in against the USA in the World Cup. Unbelievable.

  22. Trevor Saunders says

    It's nice to see the Chelsea supporters being fair on here, I think Brighton gave Chelsea a good game. We really need a big centre forward who will put himself about.

  23. Konan très Flavien says

    Kepa will be given some minutes just to revive his career that's the only way he can be sold without proving himself Chelsea can't get any cash on him I think right now kepa is a dilemma for Chelsea the worst goal keeper I ever see in football history

  24. Ben Black says

    The team isn’t used to the formation and havertz isn’t used to the LB and RB being more forward, if Lampard decides to continue to use this formation and the team gets used to it. Chelsea will really be deadly

  25. Dan daniel says

    Chelsea is not a team to joke around with this season 😂💙

  26. Asamoah Prince says

    Pulisic n Ziyach shd join soon n see how Chelsea destroy clubs in England

  27. Heisenberg says

    If it were up to me lol this'd be my lineup Caballero Chilli thiago christinsen Reece Kante kovacicPulisic havertz/ziyech Timo Giroud

  28. Khalid Ali says

    Can't believe people are still defending kepa and i don't think he should be starting until he gets his shit together.

  29. solo says

    Everything this guy does everyone is giving him stick!! Liverpool goalkeeper took in 3 no one is talking about it. It was a difficult ball, not the worst goal to let in. It was a good goal.

  30. RasenRendan says

    Chelsea drew this exact match last season. This time we found a way a win. That's the difference.

  31. Chevar Radio says

    Can't wait to see Chelsea at full strength

  32. Chevar Radio says

    Chelsea played well but not at a hundred percent 😂 surprised of the starting 11 no I expected it jus luftus where he started he played poor… cho should have started but we got a result from two of our def so that's good if the attacker can't zouma or reece will do

  33. krazyy says

    so glad living in leipzig where timo has been build up to the guy he is now and seeing the premier league being so excited about him 😀 chelsea is my 2nd love for 20 yrs now, so im happy timo chose the blues instead of munich.

  34. Vishal Parihar says

    Rob is absolutely spot on. 🙏

  35. Solja Man says

    Kai havertz didn't have a good game but anyway he's still adapting life in England and of course in the league, we got be patient be, it's too quick to judge him now,

  36. Ram Bedade says

    who is the guy with beard guys?

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