HOW COVID-19 is Impacting the Video Game Industry in 2020 & Potentially Beyond (feat. MVG)


With companies withdrawing from PAX East, GDC and other international events, the threat of the COVID-19 is being felt throughout the video game industry. We discuss the potential impacts the virus may have on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, software releases in 2020 and even E3 and other industry events.

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  1. CGG Productions says

    Maybe we need a rebranding… let the hate go and be "Nate & Mate" ?

  2. jotaroxtreme says

    GDC has been officially cancelled. I think this is a good thing. A bunch of companies pulled out and the risk is just to make it worth it. Sure, the industry will lose a lot of money, but losing money is a whole lot better then risking your life as well as the lives of your coworkers, friends, and family members.

  3. mikeyboombox says

    Great discussion and thoughts as usual. Looking forward to the next one.That thumbnail might be the best one yet?

  4. the basement Band says

    Thanks you guys always having great conversations. And your idea of being unknown with pictures. And letting substance persevere. I’ll never make a music video with me in it again. I’m glad to hear introspective chats with thoughts. I can for real respect that. Keep up the good work my dogs.

  5. MRCnyc1 says

    hey nate liking these videos so far.

  6. Tom Simmons says

    No one cares about Death Stranding or Kojima anymore.

  7. †ᴡ̶ᴀ̶ɪ̶ɴ̶ᴢ̶ɪ̶ᴇ̶ᴍ̶ᴏ̶ᴅ̶ᴢ̶ʜ̶ᴅ̶† says

    LATE 2020

  8. DarthBreh says

    Looking foward to series X but till then I'll be finally playing some Kingdoms of Amalur!

  9. Ross Bradley says

    Really excellent discussion again with you and MVG. Hope you keep this collaboration going for a while.

  10. Baltimorez MVP says

    Good discussion fellas

  11. BDIAS85 says

    Love these videos gents. I enjoy the level headed look at issues in this industry we love. Lack of hot takes makes me prefer these more than the click bait crap out there.

  12. UltimateSacrifice says

    I’d like to sent a message out to the Coronavirus. Either kill everyone or go away so we don’t have to talk about you. It’s tiresome to have to hear gaming news commentators pretend to understand the Science of viral outbreaks.

  13. infernaltim1 says

    Nate the Hate and His Australian Mate. I dig it. ?

  14. Non Sequitur says

    The Video Game Industry and all Global Economies get what they F#cking deserve.For prioritizing and outsourcing 95%+ of their production and manufacturing to China.Major delays and cancellations for VG Industry would be an Epic Collapse.As long this inevitable Pandemic screws over…"The Last of Us: Part 2 and any of Hideo Kojima's Pretentious Crap".This descent into a Pandemic Hell Scape will at least be enjoyable.

  15. Jack E. Gee says

    Nate said the word “Bollocks.” My life is complete

  16. Light the Fuse says

    Did he just say monsta hunta? lmao

  17. Juan Morales says

    Another great convo, it seems like your getting more comfortable doing audio casts. Keep up the great work! ☺

  18. Super Mario says

    all your videos are great they are really relaxing to listen to keep up the fantastic work

  19. Tisane_technologue says

    What do you think of 4chan, Nate?

  20. PlayerEssence says

    This thumbnail LOL

  21. Robert Williamson says

    RGT looking like a badass Resident Evil boss. Loving the discussions with MVG, btw.

  22. David Figueroa says

    Epic thumbnail

  23. PacAttacc says

    This thumbnail is so cursed

  24. CyriuX7 says

    Between the hilarious thumbnails, and the honest and mature discussion of worthwhile topics. You are bringing some good quality content. Keep it up!

  25. PaintFat Purple says

    God I hope drump doesn’t do anything stupid.

  26. Jacques Sabah says

    Big fan of Nate the hate feat MVG. Always interesting topics. I look forward for the next episode and the next thumbnail! Love to start the week with Hate.

  27. PaintFat Purple says

    ????the thumbnail ????so cool

  28. Chrono says

    So I've been thinking. Any chance to release these episodes on podcast services?

  29. RGT 85 says

    I am beautiful

  30. Buck Roger says

    Great topic. Nice to hear from someone who isn't trying to spin this into a fanboy topic. Nate you an MVG are making a great team here. Looking forward to the next show you guys do.

  31. Kris Rickert says

    Loving these Nate the hate and MVG power hour.

  32. Haruhi Suzumiya says

    Nintendo has animal crossing

  33. Isaiah Matthews says

    Great discussion, yet again!The company I work for sent out a company-wide email advising travel to affected regions was only to be done in emergency situations and not advised for personal travel. Additional caution was advised. Pretty sure Sony, or any other company is in the right to cancel, despite the immediate and indirect cost to profits.

  34. Diego Turco says

    Your voice would make an amazing Animal Crossing very specific type of content

  35. slave2dabeats says

    Have 2 people with a world of knowledge post a vid….a decent amount of of a vid of tasting oreos or playing Fortnite….tens of thousands.WTF PEOPLE?! Ty for keeping the community informed with relevant info guys.cheers. ?

  36. D G says

    How do the thumbnails keep getting better

  37. GligarGuy says

    RGT looking his best, I see.

  38. BranSmith says

    Another great thumbnail.

  39. Stacona says

    the ps4 was NOT a global launch, it was staggered like xbox one

  40. Will Schulte says

    Great thumbnail? CheckMVG? CheckIntelligent conversation? Check

  41. MisterTracks says

    awesome video

  42. MisterTracks says

    nice video

  43. Stacona says

    "corona" is blacklisted on youtube by the way, just to let you know

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