1. Nepal Wood Craft A One says

    Thank you sir for teaching us

  2. Musa Bashir says

    so that explains how it affects the color in each pixel, but how does it control the pixels? when you slow down a screen, it does it one pixel at a time. really fast it looks like one image to us. but how does it control what code (the hex-dec for the RGB combinations) goes to which pixels?

  3. Abhinandan Pandey says

    How does optical mouse work

  4. Ian Lu says

    Can anyone tell me what does this table mean? Why are they represent 1 4 2 5? 3:56

  5. Félix M says

    The information is totally wrong.LED refers to the backlight technology (opposed to old ccfl technology).What is described here is OLED.ANOTHER THING

  6. jaden says

    can you make an explination on the hz and what would be good for your graphics cards and etc

  7. jaden says

    can you make an explination on the hz and what would be good for your graphics cards and etc

  8. Zainab Abdulkareem says

    Thanks for being awesome at explaining ❤️

  9. Haryo25 says

    Hey, nice video, very enlightening.
    However, since several monitors nowadays can display 10-bit or even 12-bit colors, can you explain how the hexadecimal mapping works?
    It is true that each couple of the 6 hexadecimal digits correspond to the color RGB respectively, but 10-bit and 12-bit colors adds two more hexadecimal digits. How would the mapping works now?

  10. Angel Arroyo says

    i like your videos, in special for practising my english listening

  11. MiNe CrAfTeR says

    Can any one tell me that, monitor is a pc, or we need a pc to display

  12. みやぞのかおり says

    Classmate: Why are you laughing?Me: converts DAF00C in rgb colors ?

  13. اليت - Elite says

    We want know how this peaces in the mother port work

  14. Na and Atig Channel says


  15. Vish t says

    Awesome, Thanks Sir!

  16. om Siddhapura says

    Make a video on how a compect disk works

  17. Jomana Souri says

    Thank you so much

  18. Sunil Peter says

    I thought that monitors used HDMI

  19. Stibin Benny says

    Sir can you make a video on microprocessors

  20. That bored internet wanderer says

    More information: The binary information is inputted into a graphics card to convert the binary into 3 values between 0 and 1. Example: Yellow will be 1, 1, 0. The info outputted from the card gets put into each pixel of a screen.

  21. SOOTHING XE says

    not joking im serious

  22. SOOTHING XE says

    teach o levels computer science from start so children can prepare for their cies cambridge gcse and igcse. u explain very well .

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