How Does a Quantum Computer Work?


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A quantum computer works in a totally different way from a classical computer. Quantum bits or ‘qubits’ can exist in a superposition state of both zero and one simultaneously. This means that a set of two qubits can be in a superposition of four states, which therefore require four numbers to uniquely identify the state. So the amount of information stored in N qubits is two to the power of N classical bits.

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  1. Gabriel Abdel says

    Imagine having a quantum computer to watch xvideos

  2. Smit Joshi says

    Conclusion is that if you want to do quantum computing in general you have to determine qbit super stat. It can be anything so you if you want to grab qbit super stat you need precise algorithms. So lot of hard work to do.

  3. Mr Devil says

    Thanks YouTube for recommending me this video after 7 years As i have completed my high school

  4. Thoughts, Ideas, and what? says

    I wonder if his statements on not being a replacement still hold true? Or is quantum computing only useful for very specific calculations. ASICDSPFPGAGPUCPUAnd now QPUThe CPU continues to be the core.

  5. Sowmya Y says

    the number of operations is less but the speed is slow? can somebody explain why? is it because it takes time to calculate those coefficients? sorry, I'm very new to this.

  6. shabbu m says

    How can ppl think of these things….even after watching so many videos and explanations abt quantum mechanics I m still at 0 state

  7. Molagan The says

    7years later: we have found that in the quantum world things can be 0, 1 at the same time14years later:we have found that in the quantum world things can be 0, 1 at the same time21years later: yeah.. you know what were going to say28years later: … dont mention about it we're still on it35years later:…we're working on it42years later: ……49years later:!!! Hey!!! We can finally make it do "3×5=15" wo hoo56years later: hey apple made a new quantum phone the new iPhone 66 se Q! And it's only 700dollars and it comes with a wrapping paper but the logo and charger is not Included so yeah… Oh there's another type of charger so you have to buy that one to use it and it's only 50$

  8. seth wadsworth-carr says

    So what I got from it is that quantum computers would be used for calculating permutations

  9. Ammar AA says

    So basically quantum bit is like 2 bit processors but dual core ?

  10. BZD says

    Everybody trys to make quantum computers.RED OCEAN

  11. Tanvir JAHAN says

    I understand and don't understand at the same time

  12. NASA limbu says

    Chargeless partical netroun

  13. Thomas Roder says

    So what if you had a normal computer, but a part of it had a quantum computer. Basically when you needed a quantum calculation, it would be there.

  14. Khoaeash Dhawan says

    6:31 if you understand nothing, this is summary

  15. Max Hedonist says

    Came here after the Numberphile video about googolplex and the number of particles in the universe . Its 10^80 ~ 2^265 there, and here the Italian says "as many as particles in the universe" and calls 2^300 ~ 10^90, which is obviously much more … the same numberphile has a vidos where the number of particles is considered and a publication has recently been published saying that the number of particles is 3.28 * 10 ^ 80 … we will understand ?️‍♂️

  16. Mohamed Radwan says

    I don't get it. Are these probailities stored, or computed, or what? and what does the qubit store exactly?

  17. the_audiophiles says

    dooooooode. love this clip, thanks Veritasium

  18. The Creative Lone Wolf Channel says

    are quantum particles faster that speed of light?

  19. Roy Hsieh says

    why is it that i imagine someone perfect at burger flipping skills will become the next best quantum computing engineer????

  20. john wilcox says

    every time I watch how a quantum computer works no one actually explains it where is the cpu for example

  21. ScitechX says

    'Quantum computer is slow but less number of processes is required to arrive at a result so that makes Quantum computer faster than traditional computer' – I hope I understood right ?

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