How does Lampard get rid of Kepa? Assessing the downfall of Chelsea’s expensive goalkeeper | ESPN FC


Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has made it clear he is done with goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga, having gone with Willy Caballero in their crucial win vs. Wolves and planning to do so again vs. Arsenal in the FA Cup final. ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop, Stewart Robson and Craig Burley break down the move, how Lampard handled it, and how Chelsea can recoup their losses on the most expensive goalkeeper of all time.

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  1. #Cult_ Personality says

    Lampard .. i feel a vive from him like he is trying to act too strong…alot of arrogance. I don't think he will go that long. This sort of attitude suits the likes of pep or Klopp .

  2. Nathan Smith says

    Where has this myth that he’s 6:4 come from. He’s 6:1 at a push

  3. Mudiaga Otojareri says

    Chelsea lost David Luiz and Cahill in defense from last season two leaders the host is so bad at his job he should stick to asking the pundits the questions and stop giving nonsense opinions.

  4. King Oriade says

    Lampard brought in young players from the academy for the league and he did well… stop criticising Super Frank

  5. King Oriade says

    You are right…. all the players were shouting KEPA in the box because he supposed to be in the air not on its feet….

  6. Sunny Bradley says

    Hes going nowhere whos gonna want hi. Huge wages on a long contract too he be sitting on bench makeing wedge

  7. J G says

    Craig moans sometimes about people's not knowing there facts and having right info… Yet this is the third video now I've heard him say kepa is 6ft 4 he is NOT 6ft 4 he is 6ft 1 I am making this crystal clear Craig haha.

  8. Agboola Elijah Olawale says

    Chelsea lost David Luiz. We used the likes of Mount, James, Abraham and Tomori to qualify for top 4.

  9. hongkongsmartboy says

    Granovsakia must be responsible for buying Kepa!

  10. Peter Lam says

    Check your facts… David luiz left the team too and he has been our star defender for the past 2 seasons

  11. Zephan Tan says

    um we did lose david luiz and gary cahill and could not buy anyone to replace them

  12. Teddy Nyaga says

    Craig is biased

  13. avesh jarbandhan says

    The host is spot on, Craig is a Chelsea apologist

  14. Mason Fury says

    6'1 not 6'4

  15. sue mee says

    I think Craig burnley earlier profession was a prostitution and he certainly act like one .

  16. Digvijay SB says

    Did somebody punch the anchor in his right eye??

  17. Harrison Leney says

    Terrible host

  18. mabast 05 says

    Chelsea should go for Oblak he is a good keeper onana is a error prone

  19. Matthew Hebron says

    Kepa isn't on huge money though. His wages are average.His release clause was the bullshit part

  20. kunal sarma says

    Worst host.. Just tries hard to mock.. And gets mocked instead.. Oversmartness destruction

  21. Wade Lex Luther Moodie says

    Who wants a player that isn’t going to listen to you.

  22. Luke Taylor says

    and we did loose a defender, David Luiz left for arsenal.

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