How fast can JayzTwoCents build a computer?


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How fast can JayzTwoCents build a computer? | JayzTwoCents


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  1. Zim Zephyr says

    Jay has learned that by saying "that's cringy" after saying something cringy, it takes the effect away.

  2. Jaelski says

    Noobie here. One of the first things I learned about handling pc parts and building PCs is to use anti static straps or be aware of the ESDs. But when I watch these build videos. I don't notice anyone using any sort of anti static stuff.

  3. Railgun says

    I thought it took him 10min bc the video was 10min XD

  4. Jaxx vx says

    My record is 12 mins

  5. SR1Records says

    3:00 – Holy shit! How small is that motherboard!? Said it out-loud so i have to comment it.

  6. SR1Records says

    Should be able to fully build and cable tidy a pc in about 10 minutes. incidentally, this video is about 10 minutes long… But i don't know if there were cuts… But about 10 minutes is a decent time if you're not rushing.EDIT: OK, so i didn't know he was going to watercool. A lot of time is always lost there.

  7. Its not fine bros says

    case colors look good

  8. rythmcubed says

    I need another one of these but with no cuts!!

  9. Justin Rowslerr says

    Would have completed faster if he had his tweezers and Swiss Army knife….

  10. my acc says

    Hay I've been looking for pcs but I can afford any do you have any suggestions I've got a really low budget I just can't afford a pc

  11. Naverdo Sandeep says

    Meanwhile I was helping a friend build a pc and took 2 hours just to put the case fans.

  12. Batchy says

    Bit quicker than the 6 hours it took me to do my last build I did. Couldn't figure out why it wasn't booting, only it was but display-port wasn't working, only HDMI. 1 Hour of building, 5 hours of troubleshooting.

  13. Madhvansh Choksi says

    Great !!!

  14. Madhvansh Choksi says

    The Music is annoying

  15. Serbian347 says

    It's a nice challenge , but this is too slow !!!!!! You can do it for up to 15 minutes safely !!!!!

  16. James Huang says

    Half expected this to be a series xD

  17. John Smith says

    Cable management probably takes up the most time.

  18. Dr. Hendricks says

    Well that was a damn joke… I could build it under 10 minutes… Put a good looking cable management and make it just under 15…

  19. COMMENT SAYS: says

    installs nvme ssd 4 times

  20. Adam Richter says

    bruh it had taken me 10 hours and I am still not done

  21. Saad Abbas says

    The music in the build makes it… dramatic matic tic

  22. •R.N.B • says

    Still quicker than my crush's reply tho.

  23. Zachary Monroe says

    I thought it was 10 minutes…….1h 9m, ain't bad.

  24. Shahroz Jabbar says

    Fast forward to 2020: Linus built a threadripper in 13 minutes

  25. Alpha Chicken says


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