How Gridiron Champions Will Bring NCAA Football Back


How Gridiron Champions Will Bring NCAA Football Back……Legally! FULL STORY:

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NCAA Football was an American football video game series developed by EA Sports in which players control and compete against current Division I FBS college teams. The series is a younger brother to the Madden NFL series.

In July 2013, the NCAA announced that it would not renew its licensing contract with Electronic Arts because of an ongoing legal dispute regarding the use of player likenesses in the games. However, this contract only covers the use of the NCAA name and related logos, not those of individual schools and conferences, which are negotiated individually or through the Collegiate Licensing Company. The CLC concurrently announced that it would extend its existing licensing deal with EA through 2017, ensuring that EA Sports could continue the series without the NCAA branding. However, the series was placed on hiatus in September 2013, following three major conferences pulling their trademark licenses from EA, and uncertainties surrounding the results of lawsuits involving the use of player likenesses in-game. However, EA Sports is still making an attempt to get the series back going.

Players’ real names and exact likenesses are not used in the game. While the Madden NFL series uses real player names and likenesses, those players are compensated for the use of their image. Due to NCAA restrictions on the amateur status of athletes, names are not allowed. Additionally, current college players cannot be used as cover athletes. Instead, each cover features a player whose college eligibility ended the season before the game’s release, wearing his former college uniform. The only two exceptions have been the Wii version of NCAA Football 09, which featured Sparty, the mascot of Michigan State University, on the cover, and NCAA Football 06 when Desmond Howard was featured on the cover striking the Heisman Trophy pose during his career at Michigan, despite not playing for Michigan for more than 15 years.

Although EA Sports does not claim that the players in the game represent real life players, the jersey number, position, height, weight, home state, and ethnicity are aligned with the real players. Fans of any particular team are sure to recognize their favorite players (for example, in NCAA Football 2014, University of North Carolina Tar Heels QB #2 would correspond to QB Bryn Renner). Actual usage of a player’s real name would be in violation of the NCAA’s policy regarding student athletes. Amateur “roster makers” will often manually associate player names and will upload a roster file to the built-in roster sharing system. As of the 09 release, EA has put in the EA Locker feature which allows remote roster sharing online through either Xbox Live or PlayStation Network depending on the console.

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  1. Cody Alexander says

    Just give us college football but make fake names

  2. Nate Soldevila says

    4:50 ea sports logo at bottom just makes me presume all of this is bullshit

  3. Eli Lee says

    Maryland offense a 96!!! Wtf!!

  4. Fan Girl says

    What if they wait until they’re in the NFL to pay them

  5. My name is August West says

    EA is stupid. They could have done this exact same thing by calling it NCAAA or something close but generic to continue the awesome progression of a game that was blowing the roof off the door year after year with improved physics and gameplay. Too late EA. Too bad so sad.

  6. Ryan ??? says

    These guys are liars.

  7. Josh Howell says

    This is a scam

  8. nate word says


  9. Alex blatchford says

    Yay I get to play as University of Arizona!

  10. JO-D CAMPBELL says

    I still love and pmay ncaa14 everyday it's my most beloved game ever to play besides old school resident evil but if this new game is completely customizable like every one says itll be great I'd love to see some actual in game graphics and gameplay but I think ea will teach an agreement with NCAA to make new games and itll be even better but the NCAA needs to really take a look at how they can make this happen it creates too much cash for their university and players not to make it happen figure a way to pay players after they leave college for NFL or graduate most players wouldn't mind being in a game most would welcome it gladly that I've talked to just a shamble took this long for something to break and make a new college game possible bit I honestly think ea sports doesnt want to make a college game unless they have the licensing to do so with all teams and players

  11. odessa 14 says

    It is the fire pro wrestling of college football. Great idea, fuck the NCAA arcane bs.

  12. Games & Gains says

    Sounds like the Fire Pro Wrestling of football. I love user creations.

  13. Paul Thomas says

    An officially License verson won't be available til next year in 2020 IF a version would come out this year? it's not going to have any official NCAA license behind it! my opinion is, it's just better off to wait another year, we waited this long? One more year isn't going to hurt!

  14. Whokq says

    How much u wanna bet alabama gonna be a 99 overall

  15. Travelswithdave says

    When will this game be released?

  16. Kamel Kadri says

    Gridiron Champions is doing what PES doing

  17. Itsallgoodbro says

    My one problem is that I would try to make the teams real teams with the real players, but would that take me weeks to finally do?

  18. PapiSpence says

    this would have the updated rules right? and would u be able to download the current rosters on to this?

  19. Charlie Locklear says

    Sneak 100

  20. Allen says

    Ea sports should just make NCAA 2020 with all generic teams and such…

  21. Jason Vyzer says

    I've never understood why they didn't simply release the game with completely randomized rosters. Most people would buy & download the real names any way.

  22. Poobs G says

    I wish 2k was involved

  23. Boneless Narwhal says

    $80,000 and up to attend a major 4 year university like Florida or Alabama and it’s even more for out of state kids are gifted to these players so that even if the nfl doesn’t workout they have a degree to make a living, I live in Gainesville and have seen first hand the players drive nice cars don’t have to pay for any meals and have a crazy amount of clothing and jewelry, they are treated like rockstars as soon as they get on campus don’t act like they dont get anything and the colleges make all this money they still make way more than what they give each player but you’re crazy if you think they should get paid I love ncaa as much as the next guy but if you can start legally paying players it will kill recruiting and ruin college football forever

  24. The franchise Network says

    This game wont bring back ncaa football im sorry ncaa is never coming back its time to face realitie


    Lol yeah I won't buy it , so stupid

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