How Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner & Kai Havertz could shape Chelsea’s attack – ESPN FC


ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Steve Nicol look at Chelsea’s potential 2020-21 roster and if Frank Lampard will look to make more transfer additions after adding Hakim Ziyech and likely Timo Werner. Marcotti believes Chelsea’s youthful stars will be pushed by newcomers and either prove themselves or fail to reach their potential, in turn aiding the club’s ultimate goal of winning. Nicol thinks Lampard has gained the trust of Chelsea’s decision makers after a strong opening season and will be given more leeway when it comes to roster additions. Marcotti dismisses reports of Chelsea being linked to Bayer Leverkusen’s Kai Havertz, saying the club might not have a position for him with Ziyech and Mason Mount in the fold. Nicol says Ben Chilwell could be an important addition for Chelsea with their lack of consistent defensive options.


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  1. unrulygaza lee says

    Mason mount and Billy the future for Chelsea

  2. Thomas P says


  3. Arkadeep Singha says

    It's hakim ziyech not hakim zayech typical British accent?

  4. stonedraider420 Toke toke says

    For God sake its the same bullshit from everyone ? im sure frank knows he needs defenders and goalie! Also we have enough cash for everyone I said . Absolutely clueless

  5. Olayode Muhammed says

    We just need to be clever with our transfers to improve d defence i.e ginter,tagliafiko/gosen,a better 2nd keeper(loan/cheap) or replace kepa altogether and finally dispose jorginho for a typical 4 like zakaria,partey etc.

  6. Kevin F says

    Rudiger is the best CB by far????? I would say 90% of the Chelsea fanbase would disagree.

  7. Joseph Barker says

    Kepa is the biggest problem I think they will sought the goalkeeper out.

  8. Ses says

    Back in 2014, Chelsea bought Cesc and Costa (Two players from the same international team). Now it's Werner and Havertz (Two players from the same international team)…. I wonder if history will repeat

  9. Steve DeSantis says

    youd think that proper commentators would know how to pronounce ziyech

  10. goku the great says

    Welcome to Chelsea Havertz

  11. Pat Cow says

    Oil FC fans listen up , the majority of you saying Chelsea will be unstoppable next season is hilarious 90% of you probably haven't seen a single match with these players . A couple of clips on YouTube doesn't count . So pipe down and enjoy another fight for top 4

  12. Kiran Rai says

    Pulisic is the best Chelsea player!What does this mean for pulisic???

  13. Boqor Yare says

    For those of who are Liverpool fan just little reminder; Mbappe has announced that he will stay at PSG next season no mather what. Rest assured that is 200% guaranteed. I would like to give a Liverpool team a notice and that is this: snooze on this one: Timo Werner, Hakim Zyiech and Kai Havertz. Chelsea is about a meke a murder scenes all over the Premier League and Champions League.

  14. Faeed Mohammed says

    For f*ck sake… Z-yech not Zai-yech… what do English ppl have with screwing up Arabic names? It's not that hard

  15. Calvin Musaika says

    Those dislikes are from jealous people…Man U in particular

  16. Phillip Morris says

    And good luck on Monday Chelsea v wolves play well

  17. Phillip Morris says

    Chelsea look very promising next season thay need to in prove they defence next year to stay in the top four for the champans league

  18. Bryo mods says

    Chelsea will score more goals but Chelsea also news to get new LB and CB.

  19. Twum ampofo george says

    Lampard needs to play Gilmour ahead of Jorginho next time we face a bigger team

  20. Hariprasath Mahalingam says

    What about the formation for chelsea below… KepaJames. Ethan ampadu. Kurt zouma.EmersonKante. Mason Hakim havertz pulsic Timo


    Pedro and willian are retiring soon..Kai is priority

  22. Quiller95 says

    It’s an exciting time to be a Blues fan but we still need to bolster the defence. Alternatively, we could just score more goals than the opposition…

  23. MoRoCcO MoRoCcO says

    Ziyech Maestro Chelsea 2020-2021..???????‍♂️?????✌?

  24. niraj thapa chhetry says

    Chelsea attack : asteroidsChelsea defence: marijuana

  25. Droo says

    If this happens I just became Chelsea fan . I love lampards vision . Young players with class

  26. Eden Hazard says

    This is terrible

  27. starman1994 says

    3 weeks later…Capt America is back and firing on all cylinders. The beauty of hindsight.

  28. Wayne Verhoff says

    They're connected to Ben Chillwell on defense.

  29. Schneed says

    Norwich: Gets relegatedESPN: What does this mean for Pulisic?

  30. Raphael Mapp says

    Jorginho and Michy will be gone next season methinks

  31. Mohd FA says

    So what does this mean for pulisic?


    Killing team ever chelsea on the top glory

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