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I have been getting asked how I can afford to travel as much as I do so I finally made a video about it.

For me it comes down to a few simple things: Sell everything, Travel by land, use cheap lodging, volunteer and Prioritize your spending.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!!

“How I Can Afford to Travel | Travel Hacks”

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  1. atelierdefes morocco says

    Yu welcome tu #drogu #morocco

  2. Ryan Chandler says

    Good stuff mate

  3. Diego Nochebuena says

    Super useful video mate!!!

  4. Beautiful Souls says

    Life Nomadic I Love Your Content Man Seriously, Just Came Across Your Channel Tonight Keep Up The Good Work I Wish You All The Best With It 🙂 Also You Make Many Good Points On Travelling, I Have Subscribed Straight Away 🙂 Looking Forward To Seeing More Of Your Videos.

  5. juan diegas says

    The trick is seeing the latest Batman movie heavily discounted or free and still get to travel. You don't always have to choose. 😉

  6. Sharru says

    Great great video bro!

  7. Gabriel Traveler says

    I hear ya man!

  8. Darren Hayes says

    Great video, very informative. Loving the Beard. will be watching more of your videos.

  9. TheWhfeather says

    This is SO right on! I'm in Nepal now doing my own volunteer gig for a month and have been "homefree" for 16 years. Short term paying gigs, buy, trade, roadside sales, only buy what I could possibly sell again and no expensive vices. Heading north to Alaska to run a hostel for the summer! ( paid position! ) Love, love my life! You got this! Blue Bus Barb

  10. Jad Anep says

    Hi bro, nice greetings from old are you?

  11. Clinton Carro says

    Hahah 3:26

  12. Gary Young says

    So out of all the places you've been, has $1000 a month been sufficient? I know some places are more expensive than others in certain regions. Like for instance Thailand is gonna be a lot cheaper than Singapore. Did you find the $1000 to get you through? It may be a vague question but I'm saving/budgeting for my gap year and just wanna know how much is gonna make me comfortable. Thanks I'm advance.

  13. Bernard Fleming says

    Great freestyle brother and deeply inspiring.. Where you at now?

  14. Jose Liranzo says

    The reason I watch you travel is because you are doing what I'd like to do, keep traveling, that's the real life. Safe travels.

  15. A Funk says

    Do you just go up to the hostels you stay at and ask to volunteer ? and where did you start when you left? love the videos thank you!

  16. Bura Bax TV says

    Hello dear friend I like your channel and videos, is very cool and interesting and creative videos, its was make me happy to watch your videos. I subscribe your channel, if you subscribe back I will be happy. Please visit my channel and watch my new videos and click to like. I wish you all the best with your new videos, have a good day, Greetings from City Baku 🙂👍

  17. Rob's Quest says

    Thanks for the useful tipps you gave. I hope I'll be able to do exactly this one day, sell everything and just go on a big trip. Soon! – Subscribed !

  18. The New Travel says

    Great video dude, and props for you taking the plunge into full-time travel. It's truly all about prioritizing travel in your budget, so I agree 100% with your message.

  19. Explorastory Films says

    First of all: Epic beard bro!
    Secondly: Such good information, thank you for sharing! Im always curious to know how everyone affords to travel. There are so many different ways to make a little bit of cash, and travel doesnt have to be expensive.
    Lastly: Subbed!

  20. Meldrums On The Move - Kids World Travel Guide says

    It is all about the expriences, not the money 🙂

  21. SparkinHeart says

    hey bro, nice to meet you. I been actually thinking the same thing… I wanna be able to travel like that but hoping to get my youtube channel up more. Hey i was in South Africa shark cage diving too! haha. cool. thanks for in info. love the details.

  22. Dāv Kaufman's Animal Adventures says

    This video hit home for me in a big way. I am seconds away from pulling that trigger and selling everything and hitting the road. Subbed and looking forward to more of your adventures!

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