How I Got Kicked Off My College Football Team! College Football Storytime


this is my first story time. its the story of how i got kicked off my college football team.

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xbox 360 console:

college hoops 2k8:

ncaa football 14 (xbox 360):

equipment i use:
blue snowball mic:

elgato hd60:



having a great time playing ncaa football 14 dynasty modes and road to glory with fs, qb, cb, and more to come








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  1. Coach Barnes says

    Big Facts ? home team PGHS

  2. Kendall Sanders says

    Shouts out to moms & Dad for being great ??

  3. Daniel Brown says


  4. Morris Hatcher says

    Bruh your page is dope I even have my dad hooked on it

  5. big_rader says

    NFL greatest hits changed my life

  6. Debbie Brown says

    Loved your story!

  7. DontLookBack says

    Lol he got so much better and talking and story telling. He was pretty bad here. How many times did he say "anyway"? ?

  8. Travis Johnson says

    I knew I seen you before in real life, we when to southern together

  9. velly238 says

    You’re a great storyteller fam! That’s what’s up

  10. David Rucker says

    Haha Stump is our RB coach now.

  11. BlacK Bull says

    Bro I’m so glad to know I’m not the only person to NOT walk the stage but still got my high school diploma.

  12. Jason Kelly says

    It’s just not the same without cueing the Wayne. I was waiting for it.

  13. Billy Chase says

    Man I ain’t wanna go to graduation either lmao. Corona came in clutch and got mine cancelled

  14. QB1 says

    I love this dude, but I feel like 90% of this story is BS lol!

  15. D'Andre Smith says

    Anyone who gave this a thumb down is lame! This man sitting here trying his whole truth to you lames and you sit and watch the video and thumb it down. Ignorance of the highest degree. Most of whom probably never made it off of jv, if they made a team at all. A Flemo good on you for finding your calling in life bro, keep it going!

  16. Adrian Burnette says

    I feel this story

  17. DonnRonn Bagger says

    LMAO when he said if the ball was short he was still runnin ? that's how I was. I couldn't explain it. Once I put the helmet on I just couldn't see the field. I played QB and I couldn't see the field, in the beginning I played WR and I still couldn't see anything. It's almost like soon as the play started I panicked and couldn't see shit. But defense I was a complete dog. But that's the funny part, growing up playing back yard football I was never known for defense I was a skill position player. But man people change once you put that helmet on and the snap goes off. Shit is unexplainable lol

  18. Rodney Roberts says

    I really do fuck with flemlo and support his vids but this story about his football career seem extremely flawed to me for some reason..

  19. Tyson Madding says

    You feel me ……I need Michael blackson to talk for me ….you feel me

  20. HDSlay says

    4:05 I was that dude… but I ended up taking a big guy's position in defensive tackle a year later and had a pretty good season averaging like 7 to 10 tackles per game so moral of the story dont write of that tall skinny defensive tackle.

  21. Calvin Jackson says

    Had to drop that like at 24:35

  22. nmarkert01 says

    I did the same thing with baseball when money got tight I said I didn’t wanna play. One of the coaches wife’s on my best friends team overheard me saying I wasn’t playing this year because money was tight just to another friend walking by the bleachers at a game. I got a call later that night that they wanted me to play on the team and they were going to take care of the money for me. The coaches had called me up in little league years before and I knew they liked me but I didn’t think I did anything to deserve such a gesture. I hit over .400 that year no joke. It was a shitty babe Ruth league though. I was just a contact hitter and people had shit arms ?

  23. Yo B says

    YOOO what area you FROM my g are you from the delta

  24. Joshua Everett says

    Is ya coach name Jack Wright??

  25. Joe Kalinowski says

    Played at UConn long ago.ADD, homesickness, no family role models, fear of failure and injuries are hard to overcome. I love your YouTube work. It’s awesome.

  26. LexTheHuman says

    Dislikes are the people who weren't good enough to play and are jealous of Flem, majorly!

  27. Phil Thompson says

    Flem, I just found your channel this past week and I can’t quit watching. You have skills. I live in Cincinnati and I’m a grouchy old Bengal fan. I keep thinking they’re going to get back to the Super Bowl like the 1980’s. Anyway, I love your story because I have a similar one…….only just a lot of years before yours. You know what? We both just needed to get busy growing up and learning what we were going to be good at.

  28. iRON MiC TYSON says

    Dam man, interesting story! It's strange how some of us like myself just go with the flow. And find the stuff we enjoy doing along the way. Then there's the other peeps that seem to know what they want to do. And are good @it, & they been working @it a longtime. And they make a career of it! I sometimes wish that was me… thX 4 sharing! I appreciate ya videos.

  29. MrFinisher111 says

    Rap some then,,

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