How I Lost Over 80 POUNDS & Why My Travel Channel TV Show Got Canceled! BEFRS Q&A


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  1. Best Ever Food Review Show says

    Learn More about Patreon! → so much for watching! Follow me on Instagram for more fun food videos! @InstaSonnySideNext time you're in Vietnam, hit up Onetrip for an amazing tour:

  2. Teodoro Medina says

    I weigh 300 pounds myself I’m desperately trying to lose at least 100 lbs

  3. Neff Narko says

    did he say "white ass bread" for his grilled cheese 9:17

  4. Issac Garnica says

    Time to wear headbands with cocaine in them ?

  5. Rohan Magee says

    Are you ADHD? You mentioned it in your Florida Burmese python video… I've failed uni 3 times too cos of ADHD/BP

  6. Spanish Armada says

    If he marries an Asian, his kids are going to look Mexican

  7. Juliet Phillips says

    So why did he/you say he did 7 years in some culinary school?!

  8. Akshay Bhatnagar says

    Logan Paul

  9. I'm not racist i have a black dog says

    lol i live in the external city (Rome) and Europe is still not interesting

  10. Sarath Varier says

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  11. Sarath Varier says

    nxjgfrdffrgfd bfhdfhfdffer fdfsgfgdfgfggryer fgghfrgfyuyo utgteugr4yyrre yr7jfrbthhrhyr hthterhrehr fhrhr

  12. Sarath Varier says

    hccghfjfhhfuyjf gfgdhgjf

  13. Zari Clarke says

    Koreans what does his tatoo mean

  14. Kanter Rawlins says

    Lol. You're so funny and entertaining. Thanks for letting me experience interesting and unique culinary art of so many countries. Excellent advice on building a strong support team who have their specific talent and do it better than you. That added to your wonderful skills make the greatest team and videos. Success!

  15. Christnovic Kapita says

    None of Americas dishes are original they got there food from other counties.

  16. Henry Haokip says

    The one who comment “FUCK YOU” is seeking for attention???

  17. Boril Gatev says

    blue cheese – europe

  18. the brothers era says

    Bear Grylls lite?

  19. Ba Ba says

    Never saw u as funny. But i like your videos

  20. Elijah says

    I hate ghost shows and I weigh myself everyday too.

  21. Froggy77100 says

    Many, people in my opinion bring too much judgment. Instead of learning, or appreciating cultural differences. Which can be amazing! No one is telling anyone they should eat something their not ok with. Nor saying they should like to watch it. For me it's so simple. If someone is offended, simply don't watch. However, I don't agree with anyone who criticizes, or judges another countries traditions. Including food meant for human survival. I actually appreciate that part of the show the most. I often think,"why don't we eat that"?… ???????????

  22. sammy sam says

    his personality makes so much sense now

  23. Fatemeh Mahmoodpoor says

    Iran has the cleanest food ???

  24. N. Mel says

    You said that asia is interesting for you… ok why you dont go to turkey they have a large food cultureee

  25. The Adventurer says

    Bro you should come to mauritius

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