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This video is sponsored by FOREO! Being active is part of my day to day life. I’m always looking for fun ways to keep my body moving. In addition to eating clean and exercising I aim to have healthy skin as well. That’s why I incorporate the #FOREOLUNAMINI2 into my post and pre work out routine. Try it for yourself here:

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Jennelle and Alfredo


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  1. Jana Baig says

    What kind of snake is Alfredo Also what does he eat

  2. Sheposco Beatz says

    Might be too personal, but could you do a video about how youre fanacailly making this work? I know you make money on youtube and probably have some other remote side hustled, but what about when you first got started?

  3. Elena Ramos says

    How did you end up in a van ?

  4. Arielle Ceres says

    Why don’t you live with your dad ??

  5. BeccaTheGreat says

    Get a mini aussie!!!! Just as much energy as a big dog but takes up less space, perfect for hiking and I take mine paddle boarding

  6. Maria Likoudis says

    I love your vids and your pets ??

  7. Caitlynn B says

    At 7:23 how did you get that shot from up high?!

  8. Idaho’s iDisk says

    You can not get a good deal for rui ?????? irye was your a bitch year

  9. Idaho’s iDisk says

    I don’t have any old friends that I ????

  10. Idaho’s iDisk says

    I love you too baby I love you too babyy is your day today love ❤️??

  11. Casey& Brienalynn Shinyama says

    Were do you do1and2

  12. S o l a r S a g e says

    Her lifestyle is so cute

  13. sonyapeach says

    He was probably car sick and thirsty.

  14. Pin-Wu Yu says

    if anyone is having a bad day, i highly suggest you watch any videos by Jennelle!she is the definition of positivity vibe

  15. Ana Montalvo says

    I love your basketball tevas

  16. Liz Reyes says

    Jennellen: i’ma pick up the dogAlfredo: NOPE I WANNA BE UR ONLY CHALD I AM A DOG starts acting like one

  17. Dessi Bandzzz says

    I wanna be her but I wanna be with my dog Lillie and I want another one that’s black and white named oreo

  18. sasha miranda says

    Thank you for sharing!!! You truly are an inspiration and I'm so thankful that you are willing to bring us all along on your epic life!! ??????

  19. Lilly Keule says

    Alfredo is the best ? ? I have Leo an little bearded dragon and one giant snail ? Steve and another 3 little snails called Gary, Picobello and Picoccolo. We are all saying hi to Alfredo and you dear. Please be always safe and pet more Alfredo they love kisses

  20. olivia bridger says

    i think you need a cat think about it your van is to small for dog even a small one but a cat would be perfect and unlike alfred a cat is capable of loving you

  21. O G says

    Ballin in th dark with sandals stay safe out there!

  22. Heyward Powell says

    U should meet fellow U Tuber Maryjane Bynum.Shes a Traveler, too & i think u 2 would get along.

  23. 앤젤EarthAngel says

    Me:Oh wow her makeup looks so pretty I wonder what she's wearin-Her: I have NO makeup on right now.EXCUSE ME WHAT?? SHE'S SO NATURALLY PRETTY. Like she's saying she's struggling with acne and I wish I had her skin I look like a human pepperoni pizza.

  24. 앤젤EarthAngel says

    I hate snakes but Alfredo is so cute! He's the only snake I don't hate <3

  25. Paulette Cooper says

    Lol,New Subbie here Girlfriend ❤️ love your Energy and your Pop,Pop, Beautiful Father of yours, Now where's your Mommy , Sure She's Beautiful as well IjA ????? Please stay safe would like to know more about yourself ? Blessings to All ??

  26. Madeline_roblox_and_more_games says

    I really wanted you to get a dog ??

  27. enjoy health says

    Is she vegan?

  28. Samantha Reid says

    She is so pretty she doesn't need makeup

  29. honey b says

    I love your pet so cute

  30. kira the creepypasta says

    i dont know if im crazy but in the part when she was playing basketball i saw a person coming up to her in the distance like I SAW MOVEMENT then they saw that she was talking to a camera and walked away BE CAREFUL T^T

  31. Daisy The bunny says

    Hi I am a really big fan I love your videos so much I love your pet snake and you please reply to my comment or like itHow much likes this comment gets is how much everyone loves her and her snake

  32. Daniel Canuto says

    Hey girl, please, stop cover de camera this way you do, so quick like a punch in the public's face. I think it's disrespectfull. Consider this.

  33. Vashell Collins says

    Question: Do u ever get lonely living alone in that van? Ik u have ur ? but still. Do u miss living in an actual home??

  34. Mia Sparkles says

    Jennelle I am a big fan I really think you should get a dog most of the time dogs don’t throw up my dog Basil is my world she is the best dog any won can ever get me and I want you to have a filing just like mine which Basil

  35. Poppy Adams says


  36. Dylan Hickey says

    I have a 2012 Chevy box van conversion, I don't live in it full time but I live in it most of the summer. I have a cat named Gary. He's my little travel companion and he is just like a dog. I can take him for walks on his harness, he's cheap on toys and food, and he is also my emotional support animal.

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