How I WON Lachlan's $10 000 Fashion Show World Cup Qualifier! ft. Ali-A (Fortnite Battle Royale)


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  1. Rajvir Singh says

    Dont Lie WHOs been a fan of sypher or Ali a before 2019

  2. Liam Moore says

    best intro

  3. Karan Sanghvi says

    The title says fortnite battle royale but it should say FORTNITE FASHION ROYALE

  4. Muhammad Julium says

    Who’s watching this in ch2 s3

  5. Mohamed Hegazy says

    you are so fucken good

  6. Lava Master2010 says

    Brun Ali A cursed

  7. Jac Dan says

    Love the intro sypher

  8. Eassah Insanity says

    is it me or i hear alia curse

  9. Adil Hussain says

    Said see u next time in the beginning?

  10. Peter Graystone says

    Sypher what's your take on fishy vs banana

  11. Cayen Yang says

    Please add me my fortnite name is: BDH123c

  12. Fletcher Shiell says


  13. Paul Bagshaw says

    00:12 the intro tho

  14. Mrs. Gamer Noob 1 says

    Who is here watching this in quarantine

  15. Ryan Gracia says

    Love your videos can like pls it is my dream

  16. Pugg3r says

    I like how he plays with ali a while his name is ali lol

  17. Alaa Idris says

    The intro was fire??

  18. Peyson Garcia says

    fire combo

  19. I am a cute dog the last cute dog says

    You are the best person on yt

  20. Cecilia Hernandez says

    I watched both of these

  21. DJ Galaxy24 says

    I mean u said ali a wrong but ok

  22. Isaiah Terrell says

    I’ve seen this one but on Ali As channel

  23. Steven Krajcik says


  24. Steven Krajcik says


  25. Harley Adams says

    U nilly died

  26. Nathan Mol says

    That intro made me cry

  27. SuperMinecrafter says

    freak u stupid nerd

  28. Branflakes880 CM says


  29. Nikhil Santhlall says

    I also watched Ali a

  30. Hit Or miss says

    1% of the comments are normal. 99% of the comments are “Ollie-A”

  31. Syed Ali says

    0:13 lol

  32. Natasha Chetty says


  33. AhmedTheCrystalStar 123 says


  34. Edgar Bejero says

    that was dope

  35. zombatic6000 says

    what was that intro

  36. Ruben Landa says

    that intro tho ??

  37. Cristian Peña says

    I feel so bad for Ali a, he gets so much hate that he doesn’t deserve

  38. Sikk WittItt says

    The part when you said Ali a

  39. Ali- A says

    Ali-A here hi

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