How many Chelsea teammates can Hudson-Odoi name in 30 seconds? | Lies | Hudson-Odoi vs Pulisic



Chelsea forwards Callum Hudson-Odoi and Christian Pulisic go head to head in a Lies festive special. How many Christmas items can Pulisic name?

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From the soul of the streets, to the spotlight of the stadium. Break new Ground in FIFA 20:

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  1. Seyi Adesola says

    Giannis Antetokounmpo American????

  2. CHELS3A_20 says

    Callum talks like hes on road and how he acts. Like if yoh think so

  3. Joll SV says

    Giannis is greek….

  4. Rori Tech says

    Who's watching this in quarrantine

  5. Allan Nathan says

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  6. Athir Tld says

    Giannis Greek and nigerian

  7. Lord Šura says

    Sky sports actually counting Giannis as an American athlete is crazy and what is crazier is that no one has said anything

  8. Ibrahim Malik says

    Chicken in a zoo ?????

  9. Luis Angel says

    Giannis is not American ???

  10. Instagram: DriveForceOne says

    Callum is a banter man

  11. Dee David says

    Funny ?

  12. Hazim Fitri says

    giannis is not american now is he

  13. Nkululeko Zuma says

    Chicken at the zoo?

  14. Mini Matt says

    Giannis is Greek, not American

  15. Emile Khayat says

    Antetokounmpo isn't even american wtf

  16. Harshil Patel says

    Mans just naming tube stops on the Northern line looooool

  17. Gabriel Toader says

    Giannis is greek, not american

  18. Spooney says

    Don’t even like Chelsea but I like this and I now like them both

  19. Jonah Ridd says

    In the last question he could’ve said pulisic ?

  20. Pack3r_23_07 says

    Wilfredo caberello great players ?


    Antetokounmpo is greek

  22. Bill Ding says

    9:20 when there is an American sportsman sitting in front of you but you forget to name him???

  23. Marita Anderson says

    He’s one of our own, H’es one of our oooowwwwwnnnnnnnn. Christian Pulsic, he one of of America’s own

  24. Sandra Cabral says

    I wished Callum realized G.Antetokounmpo is actually Greek

  25. Yololegendary 1 says

    When he did Giannis become American ?

  26. Nicholas Sayers says

    Giannis is Greek lol

  27. Galactic Space nuggets says

    Giannis isn’t an American athlete ?he’s from greece?

  28. Lloyd Nicholls says

    Haha very funny

  29. Lyonz says

    Giannis isn’t even American bro

  30. Mason Samuels says

    Coach: We are going to be more defensive in the coming games Pulisic: I'm American

  31. McFatteh says

    Love the smack talking and competitive protests from Callum ahaha. British towns though omg, Pulisic probably thinking of all the teams from different English leagues and thinking "… bro." as he watches Callum struggle

  32. Jmaz says

    Name american athletes: Callum: Giannis Antetokounmpo(whos greek)

  33. Strikingblazer says

    says american athletes but doesn’t even say pulisic ???

  34. Hunter Eastvern says

    When did Giannis become American?

  35. Koulis 17 says

    Antetokoumbo is not from america and also isn't spelled like that

  36. Aidan Bajrami says

    Why am i watching this again

  37. Aidan Bajrami says

    Man said chickens in a zoo

  38. GP BRAGZ says

    This guy could of just named all off the Premier league players ?????

  39. Gloc Riverz says

    Y’all really needed that ad revenue damn

  40. Chazzer whufc says

    im so triggered that the 'i' in CHRiSTMAS is lower case in the background


    DAMIAN Lillard

  42. lockas khamonezhad says

    name american athletes christian waiting for his name callum ummmmmm lebron james

  43. Gillian Rosheuvel says

    "I know my teammates!" Love it!

  44. James McFadden says

    Giannis ain’t American

  45. Oscar Pye says

    Giannis ?

  46. Oscar Pye says

    Hudson Odoi when he realises there are other places in Britain other than London ?

  47. standoff says

    rivalry between them is noticeable, Pulisic wins it by far on and off the pitch

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