How Martial Artist Scott Adkins Trains for Action Movie Fights | Vanity Fair


Actor and martial artist Scott Adkins takes us through the 7 steps of his training to fight in action movies. From film study to intensive physical training, Scott breaks down the complexities of creating and staging a fight sequence.

Scott Adkins stars in DEBT COLLECTORS, available on VOD now.

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How Martial Artist Scott Adkins Trains for Action Movie Fights | Vanity Fair

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  1. sai lor says

    tell me about your time on dr starn

  2. Matthew Mayhem says

    Scott, here's an idea! Rent or buy a Batman suit and shoot a fan video of you fighting bad guys. Then send that to WB, or whomever owns the rights to the Batman series, letting them know that you mean business if they were to change their minds!

  3. Salmon Kharrngi says

    Didnt thought that boy becomes director

  4. Aman Konyak says

    Scott Adkins Sir I love you.. U r the best action Hero

  5. Mohadeseh Shahoseini says

    While I am a fan of the Bourne franchise, I do agree with Scott. I kinda wish that they didn’t do they whole shaky cam and we got to see the fight scene. One of my fave thing about Scott’s movies is the way he shoots fight scenes. He fills the frame and you see every technique and every detail of the fight.

  6. Zamlan Sanoon says

    Next James Bond

  7. Hoggar Krababbel says

    I absolutely don't understand this obsession with Dwayne Johnson, if your alternative is an actual martial artist.

  8. Dinu Andrei viorel says


  9. Dhruv garg says

    Adkins is one of the greatest martial artists, atleast in hollywood. I love undisputed series.

  10. James says

    I wish more people knew of Scott Adkins. For how great he is as a martial artist he just seems to dance under the radar when it comes to known actors.

  11. Priyam Ganguly says

    I'd like to see someone making a breakdown on Jackie Chan's movies, especially, Project A and The Legend of Drunken Master. Let's see if someone can figure out the flaws and bloops in them. It'd be interesting.

  12. The Bandana Bandit says

    Undisputed 5??????????

  13. loris tigre says

    YouTube dub:"…a little bit of kickboxing,a little bit of cheap condom"AHAHHAHHAH

  14. Priscilla La says

    Scott Adkins, Toni Jaa + Doni Yen needs to a movie togehter, it would be a hit…they all are great fighter.

  15. Stanly Neupu says

    I like u too much

  16. Tim says


  17. ARD Scholar says

    I think the hand motion on those jump squats was backward.

  18. FATOOM says

    Surely I believe in your Lord, therefore hear me!

  19. Mel Tee says

    You tore your acl before the expendables fight with Jason, and you still were flying around kicking high and landing solid?! Wow… just… incredible.

  20. Diablokiller999 says

    Always wonder how it is to see yourself die in the movies? :DAnyway, also don't understand why such a talented and charismatic martial artist doesn't get more leading roles…

  21. Flava Ninja says

    Love the honesty. I like the slow movements during exercise too. Learnt alot

  22. narendra bhaskar says

    Hay scott do u know boyka he is a great fighter i can give u his contact if u wish talk to him pls

  23. FUTEBOLY TV says

    Se tiver pessoas do BRASIL deixa o like.

  24. jose ivan says

    warner, its not too late, this is the batman we need and the batman you want to carry the franchise

  25. Naught Orless says

    To me it is also about controlling ones own fear and not letting it deceive the self. A philosophy that I really admire most in the ancient wisdom of the Orient. To find ones self and own confidence to be precisely that while respecting others. The way to a clearer understanding of how all things interact in relationships. Real Honour

  26. Chris Martin says

    Atkins for batman

  27. Lady Fights Octopus says

    "The Most Complete Fighter in World"

  28. Jaberwock, Outdoors Pursuits. says

    I love Scott Adkins, what a gentleman.

  29. Beabadboy says

    Boyka legend?.

  30. arpit jha says

    Boyca boyca …

  31. Luis Guevara says


  32. alcott devalte says

    Adkins is awesome with these breakdowns and his analyses of fight scenes.

  33. Janne Tranberg says

    Scott is the MAN!!

  34. An Devil says

    You sound very gentle guy, but in movies you look completely different, i love your mind blowing performances, i also train for takewondo, it is very hard to do leg spliting, every day it is painful, one of the reasons that i started very late at the age of 35.

  35. Kais Louati says

    Flying kicks with a torn ACL!! Adkins is a beast…

  36. Vagrant Lord says

    You are best??

  37. Gerjaison says

    He's in Ip Man 4, isn't it? Good martial artist and actor.

  38. MartialArts MovieClips says

    I like your fight style Scott adkins. (India)

  39. Salman Ahmed says

    Scott Adkins is a humble and impressive personality..He's also a good fighter.. Thanks for entertaining the world.

  40. Francisco Mariano says

    You are the best fight today…

  41. Bob Dolphin says

    Superb Scot superb, amazing action packed actor martial artist ?❤?

  42. Miko Delos Reyes says

    Scott should play the Batman. Double Ben Afleck

  43. Bin Wang says

    This guy will get his break soon, you just wait.

  44. Rusty Black Dog says

    God I hate the shaky cam.

  45. Cnotea mbatha says

    I use to hear ma big brother saying that martial arts it's about discipline and being calm I guess he was telling me the truth because really Boyka is so calm and he talks with respect he doesn't show pride or ego can we have more movies of him plz plz

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