How Scientists Are Restoring The Great Barrier Reef | Travel + Leisure


Despite mass coral bleaching events in the summers of 2016 and 2017 that badly damaged parts of the reef, much of the marine park — roughly the size of Japan — continues to thrive. A visit to the largest living structure on Earth remains an experience of a lifetime.

Over the past couple of years, coral has regenerated and local scientists have developed innovative ways to foster coral growth both in and out of the water.

Johnny Gaskell and his team have been propagating coral in nurseries built within the marine park, and also in custom-built tanks where the corals spend four to five months growing before being planted back into damaged reef sites.

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  1. M A X says

    I recommand The documentairy on Netflix « chasing coral » is very good of you are interested 😉

  2. ticklemaster says

    sugar farmers might have to take more responsibility for farm run off. when i seen how pristine the reef is in Vanuatu just this year, made me realize how good the great barrier reef was in australia 20 yrs ago! its all about money, tourism vs farms, how much is the reef worth to a country or the world? should make a rule that farms within a 500 km from the coast should be 100% organic!

  3. THEREALPAX says

    How could I get a job doing this

  4. THEREALPAX says

    This would be a fun job

  5. taxol2 says

    All countries that have Ministry of Marine Life should develop and run similar projects like this 👍🏼

  6. Every One says

    I’ve written a paper on Coral Bleaching Events and i’m very sad that i couldnt come across this video then. If i could, i’d love to come and help as much as possible to restore the marine ecosystem.

  7. Blue Horizon Diving says

    Great video but so much more to still do. Having been diving now for 14 years now I have seen a big decline since that first day.

  8. Roxy Cauldwell says

    Wow, their government funded that?
    As an American our government only funds wall street. We're an embarrassment

  9. Akash Khansul says

    love it when he said first coral, he really love his job. 5:50

  10. WWCD Gaming says

    amazing you guyssss

  11. STEVE DRIVER says

    Absolute legend mate 🙂 You're leading a legacy of massive importance, dedication, and skill and we're so lucky to have you here mate. Our support and strength are with you 100%.

  12. Emma Liu says

    I’m on your side because my dream/goal is to do a coral transplant In the Great Barrier Reef with my friends who are trying to protect coral reefs as well I love nature and BTW I know a lot about marine biology

  13. REEFolution info says

    Great video! How do you guys anticipate on the risk of new coral bleaching events / cyclones? It's one of the greatest challenges in the coral crisis.

    They bleached and degraded for a reason and that reason/cause has not yet dissapeared.

    Greetings Coral Reef Restoration Foundation REEFolution

  14. Ruru Barrios says

    Can I use this video for my Presentation?

  15. Henry Rodriguez says

    This story made me cry just thinking about how our beautiful Mother Earth dies slowly

  16. dee douglas says

    Make love not war

  17. harry zhang says


  18. M e says

    these comments are dry

  19. uckyl13 says

    thank you

  20. Marcel Molenaar says

    The dying and relive of the coral is a cycle of 7 to 10 years.

  21. YoneUnoffical says


  22. Nobody Likes Jordo says

    I love you for this

  23. Stephen McGuire says

    Omg you’re the best

  24. Keithen Hamilton says

    Why don't you get with Zoos and have them grow them in their aquariums then cut them down and send them to you, rinse and repeat

  25. Kate Alex and Noah Davies says

    I'm going to use this video in my Geography class. I like it because it's a nice balance of facts and people being proactive to help the situation.

  26. Malcolm Jones says

    Fake news! I've been snorkelling and diving on the reef for over 50 years now. Coral bleaching is a natural event, nothing to do with climate change.

  27. SmedleyB 0311 says

    I had be saving money to come to Australia to visit this and then covid took control

  28. Nicholas Fredrick von Albedyhll says

    Wow, great stuff, we're doing the same thing in the Bahamas our company's called 'Coral Vita', we're the first commercial coral farm in the world and have a very similar system to what you've got. I think it'd be great to collaborate! we've got equally lots to learn and an extra bit of help from both of us would be great i'd say!

  29. Quantum says

    Cool video, it would have been nice to explain how those 'race ways' work though

  30. J Chaa says

    him: puts in first coral
    also him: pure happiness
    me:wowowowowow now I'm happy that a humans doing something good!

  31. Lashawn McGee says

    I’m from America and have never been out of the country but I cry when I learn what has happened to the reefs and I hope that one day I can visit and help restore the reef as well

  32. Austin Morrison says

    I refuse to give up hope towards the future of the environment. Any new developments?

  33. Kendra Hohs says

    Hi! Would you mind if I used clips of this in a video I am making? I work with students with physical disabilities and am interested in using this in a lesson about the Great Barrier Reef. I am happy to contact you directly if you prefer. Thanks so much!

  34. Frank's Belize says

    Unfortunately, here in #Belize #coralrestauration is not wanted or supported by the government!

    I spent the past 5 years to make a difference and yet – I can only witness the dramatic deterioration of the ecosystem!

    Here is the story: #nevergiveup

  35. Hasanur Rahman says

    Hi Johnny, How are they doing now. I really appreciate your work.

  36. Steven Seagull says

    At the end you said if everyone does their part to help the reef will live on. What do I need to do to help keep this reef going? I am a proud QLDer from Brisbane and would love to know what I can do 🙂

  37. STOPjammietime says

    This is great, but we shouldn't be encouraging people to come and see the reef in person unless they already live relatively close. Long distance air travel is one of the reasons the reef is suffering bleaching and cyclones in the first place!
    We all need to learn to be content with seeing some things on a screen rather than in person. Our survival depends on it.

  38. Pari Angel says

    Kudos to such scientists ❤️

  39. Katerina Kouzalou says

    I hope we can save our coral reef i understand the dificuld situation for marine life and i know some people in our planet don't have idea about global worming is damage coral reef so for them is too late but im wrilly believe inside of my hard we can do so many thinks for our beautifull gold who is coral reef to making better coz we neer balance and we nead to trying and never give up every one with his or her way i believe is oue job as we all neighborhood all around but steel we are neighbors even far but all of as live in these planet is our home we don't have any home so were els so we have to trying to work in coral reef as must we can year change but we need to trying the best coz ever one has home hear and must to restore so we can have awesome home again

  40. Marco Dominic Gonzales says

    #YeahYeah🐦 🌎 #SAVEcoralreefs Dude i was just in ur Instagram from Laura Wells Instagram..this is terrible..ive been Sounding the horn since 2013 on bleached Coral Reefs..its gonna take PROPER FUNDING to reverse Warming..if I ever get my Settlement, ill show the #COP26 #EU #usa🇺🇸 #OPEC #australia #UK #russia🇷🇺 #india #china🇨🇳 how by building CORAL RESISTANT REEFS and using Salination for Liquid Hydrogen to substitute for gasoline #NoMoreGas this will immediately create a #zerocarbon emission and allow reefs and #OCEANS to regenerate🌈Thanks Johnny Gaskell for getting in there and showing the evidence..Great #1millionwomen #EarthGirls❤️🌎 like Laura Wells and Greta Thunberg are WOW🌈 #YeahYeah #SaveLives #SaveEarth #earthday🌎 #Earth #GlobalWarming #FIXIT #fridaysforfuture #LiquidHYDROGEN #SAVEgreatBarrierREEF #GretaThunberg #LauraWells #WORLDWIDE

  41. Christoric says

    mates I use paper straw instead of plastic is that helpful for the ocean

  42. Nolanzilla 03 says

    I like this cause it shows that there’s still hope for this wonderful place

  43. Bryan Popoca-Garcia says

    Can you update me I'm very curious to know if they are recovering now since the corona virus has stopped pollution in major cities and have become a world pandemic. I'm trying to see if the virus is changing the climate because there is no cars out where I live and temperatures have dropped I wanted to know if the corals are thriving off of this knowing that the ph levels wont rise anymore because pollution has decreased in this past month

  44. Shubham Ambekar says

    Have you heard about Ecosia

  45. Shubham Ambekar says

    Blame Trump for not doing anything to combat climate change

  46. The EpicNinja says

    Great vid! I’m Aussie to

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