How tall and how heavy is Hulk, Leo Messi's dog? | Oh My Goal


Antonela Roccuzzo bought Hulk for her husband Leo Messi in 2016. He’s a Bordeaux Mastiff… A giant, stocky muscular dog! There are many adjectives to describe him. But how tall and how heavy is Leo Messi’s dog? Find out in this new video!


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  1. Prabath Amarawila says

    What is this breed

  2. SHORON says

    Messi with Ramos

  3. Ivan Ramos says

    Who cares pecho frio and his stupid dog

  4. David Kosiba says

    Its not that big tbh, there are many bigger breeds, of course it will look big next to Messi lol

  5. Holy Jebus says

    Them dogs are sick

  6. Armando Anchondo says

    Cristiano Ronaldo modelando ropa y viajando en su jet a eventos importantes de moda y este wey jugando con un perro….?‍♂️

  7. Modern Warfare says

    Kurdish kangal dog is bigger and better fighter ?

  8. Marcelo zona sul says

    Cara que gosta de cachorro é de confiança …

  9. Prakyath Jain says

    May your father live long. Happy fathers day everyone?

  10. chuy el desordenado says

    Messi ni pa los perros tiene. Gusto

  11. Darren Maloney says

    What a beautiful dog

  12. Rafa luis says

    Esse aí e mais lento do que o Davi Luiz

  13. Kush Patel says

    Now we know who is to be credited for Messi's insane skills??

  14. 허원석 says

    0:00What kind of dog is that?

  15. Daniel says

    Esta mas grande el perro que el ????

  16. Chinthu Veliyath says

    happy birthday messi i am your biggest fan luv u so much may God bless u

  17. Cosmin Paina says

    My fan messi

  18. TC Léon du 31 says

    Bien joue

  19. Spandan Mukhopadhayay says

    Leo is Maestro!!!???

  20. Capitão Bob lee says

    Um dog de Bordeaux normalO humano é pequeno

  21. Videoshow with Spanish subtitles! Cesar! says

    Why Messi has an spensive pet ? Is the evolución baby !!

  22. Bin Cao says


  23. praveen kumar says

    after this even I will bite anyone..

  24. xEXx G0D says

    Hulk vs. Hulk

  25. Pugg 14 says


  26. Gavin Jochum says

    Apparently his name is leo messi?GOOD JOB????

  27. praveen dehariya says

    it's only matter of time when he launches himself on messi and gets the ball

  28. KHIZER JAMIL says

    messi love to practice with his dog

  29. Ion Marian says

    Aque si ….veremos mañana de qué vas tuuuu

  30. Avinash Mohanty says

    01:44: "LIFE IS GOOOD."-HULK (Thug Life music starts)

  31. Santaa SD says

    Next time plz tell us how much hair hulk have

  32. Shreyas Kumar says

    So he’s the one who trained him to be the best in the world

  33. Luis Felipe Martins Alves says

    I would name him Big chungus

  34. Lionel Messi says

    Lol my dog and i have better chemistry than our Attacking rn

  35. Rahul K says

    Messi gave his growth hormones to his dog

  36. scammed gaming says

    HANDBALL 0:03 XD

  37. 0 MuRillO says

    Ronaldo needs to get a caucasian ovcharka. It would turn this dog into a dog treat.

  38. Isak Kulenovic says

  39. Silver Boys says

    Messi's dog is normal sized, it's Messi who is tiny

  40. Cecilia Diniz says


  41. Tolha Abib says

    Rip Toby I feel bad

  42. Kary says

    In six months The puppy turned into a dog. In six Months Messi grew his beard and turned into a goat. ? ?

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