How the Coronavirus Impacts Gaming and YouTube. (Covid-19)


How the Coronavirus Impacts Gaming and YouTube. (Covid-19)

In this video I discuss the pros and cons of the coronavirus affecting gaming as a whole. With Covid-19 Sweeping the nation, big businesses and corporations like you’re having to shut down especially in the gaming community. In this video I discuss the pros and cons of what happens with the coronavirus and how to stay safe and prevent catching it. Even though businesses and corporations are shutting down there is a silver lining. People are off work and off school so they’re spending more time on YouTube watching people’s videos thus allowing opportunities to grow for new creators. It’s a scary time out there in this video I talk about that I hope you enjoy your stay safe and wash your hands.

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  1. Johnny Star says

    I am genuinely shocked at how bad it is getting with this virus and the fact that movie theaters are closing made it super real to me. Hope this gets better

  2. King Kaan Gaming says

    Amazing video brother, you make so many valid points, the fact that the Virus has affected E3 and soon Gamescom – it takes a major hit to the fact that major gaming deals our made at these events.

  3. wafer XP says

    I agree bruh this thing is spreading quickly!!

  4. Aubrey Tolefree says

    Dang it suck everything suck bro because of that virus Need to get rid of trump and yea I need to put my profile picture back up bro

  5. Nut5gaming says

    Stay Safe out there, if your interested be sure and subscribe to the channel for more Gaming Content!

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