How the ultra wealthy travel in Hong Kong | First Class


Hong Kong is a billionaire’s playground and CNBC has a first class pass to all the luxury.
Emily Tan is your guide to all the hidden hot spots, including a hotel suite that costs $160,000 a night and an apartment that sold for $65 million.
We find out how the truly rich travel, stay and play. Join us as we take you to a restaurant which can charge up to $12,000 for a fourteen-course meal to an invite-only after-hours cocktail bar.

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  1. Pickled Panino says

    If you exclude houses, Hong Kong is one of the best places to live and work

  2. Jenn says

    I can’t wait to go back to visit in the next couple years…once the pandemic is over. I think I will try the Peninsula.

  3. Mr Martin says

    I stayed at the Penninsula for my 40th , harbour suite , airport Rolls and a helicopter city tour – fabulous experience , but I'm not ultra rich – so my point is it's not that extreme in pricing

  4. Nick Li says

    i like how she changes a dress every single scene

  5. No Name says

    wow they took so many ideas from gta 5

  6. saksit247 says

    I am thinking if you are a billionaire you are not commuting to work daily during rush hour so a city's traffic isn't relevant.

  7. Paul Ian Del Rosario says

    I've been there and Victoria's Peak was Spectacular

  8. ravi raja says

    They didn't show Hong Kong's famous cage homes. ?

  9. Benjamin Hill says

    我們總有一天會公開處決叛徒: 林鄭月娥, 李家超, 聶德權, 梁愛詩, 譚耀宗, 譚惠珠, 陳智思, 鄭若驊, 李慧琼, 葉劉淑儀, 梁振英, DAB 全員, 何君堯, 董建華, 盧偉聰, 鄧炳強, 張建宗, 劉兆佳, 陳國基.  天滅中共! 中共必亡! 香港黑警死全家! 香港人加油!

  10. Benjamin Hill says

    屌 林鄭月娥 ! 屌 李家超! 屌 聶德權! 屌 梁愛詩! 屌 譚耀宗! 屌 陳智思! 屌 鄭若驊! 屌 李慧琼! 屌 葉劉淑儀! 屌 梁振英!  屌 DAB! 屌 鄉議局! 屌 何君堯! 屌 董建華! 屌 盧偉聰! 屌 譚惠珠! 屌 鄧炳強! 屌  張建宗! 屌 劉兆佳! 屌 陳國基! 所有叛徒! Fuck all you 氷washed, commie traitors of the Hong Kong people! Fuck the corrupt, communist Hong Kong police! OCCUPY UPPER ALBERT ROAD!

  11. Shirley Diwert says

    If $ can't buy the experience, why do you cbargr lol, plese , if you don't get to $ , keep digging

  12. Clarence Chan says

    hk apartments cost a lot, my apartment costs 11.8 million hk dollars almost 2 million usd, its hard to belive that its this expensive when you get such a small place

  13. elegy slp says

    After some time it got to be surreal. It's some sort of joke on ordinary people.

  14. Viggo Aoki says

    I actually miss living in HK, it felt like my home, but cuz of my dads work my family moves a lot and so rn im in vancouver ;( Take me back

  15. tommyluvstraci says

    Robin Leach would have given a better presentation. This announcer lacks panache.

  16. Yash Naik says

    Time to study, I guess!

  17. Mahjong Live Streaming says

    so funny… it's hk but the interviewees are all white

  18. Generalx5 says

    story of my life.

  19. 9Ball CornerPocket says

    Wealthy People are Silly fuckin Idiots, truly.

  20. Cupcake Angela says

    I feel like even if your a millionaire, you'll quickly go broke from this "ultra rich class" experience.

  21. 35 Tan Ze Qi says

    Of course it would be chauffeurs, yatch, private plane, etc. For the ultra rich

  22. Catherine NGUYEN says

    I've been in Hongkong many times, Hong Kong is INTERNATIONAL CITY. I like it , good memories. ?❤?

  23. za za says

    i thought that chapper on the chopper was a famous actor isnt he?..

  24. Gym S says

    Loved my stayed at the peninsula

  25. Nik Yatim says

    For HK poor people not important,they only love rich people

  26. Mahbubar Rahman says

    I had the chance to stay in The Peninsula Hotel and take a ride to the Airport from the Hotel in the Hotels Rolls Royce car, couple of years ago.It was an amazing experience but was very costly .Mahbubar Rahman

  27. Winston Ku says


  28. Skai Surov says

    fake news

  29. noah says

    People in hong kong don't speak chinise. They speak Cantonese. The people are also Cantonese but China tries to make their culture not even excist.

  30. Eduardo Magallanes says

    I love dim sum

  31. karry sasfoot says

    Now watch a video on cage houses in Hong kong………this house is a waste

  32. Asy says

    A house built for selfish people. The same amount of sq ft of space would be more precious to some families in need rather than just a few selfish greedy people. F the elites.

  33. naoujiie says

    for those who doesn't know, not like the white woman said in the video. most of the Hong Kong people we DON'T celebrate the hand over to China, we see it as tragic to be ruled by totalitarian.

  34. MrOuji89 says

    The host is gorgeous

  35. Cosimo Kramarawicz says

    Shit hole city

  36. perkins kurt says

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  37. perkins kurt says

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  38. Gosha says

    Define "great city"

  39. White Noise says

    $160,000… Oh, shut the hell up. I could go back to school, travel the world, and put a down payment on a nice house. Rich assholes…

  40. May Sat says


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