How THIS wallpaper kills your phone.


The cursed wallpaper that crashes Android phones, finally explained. This video gets pretty complex, so get comfortable!

Original image by Gaurav Agrawal:
Huge thanks to Mishaal:
and Davide:
and Ice Universe:

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  1. Aiden Harris says

    How could we see the entire colour thing that humans can see when phones can only show inside the triangle

  2. R. Films says

    Dude! What if I downloaded the low resolution of it? And applied it?

  3. Ryan Cairns says


  4. Did you know that you're seeing my channel name??? says

    My phone brokes- Who did that?A pixel.

  5. funnygamer Findlay says

    me: looks up image on my phonemy phone: nervous sweating

  6. Ashish Chanchalani Vines says

    Great video I really liked it.

  7. Ashish Chanchalani Vines says

    It's amazing as well as horrible

  8. Caso di Craco says

    Just using it on my iPad

  9. Connor Hart says

    Let’s just acknowledge that this dude bought a Samsung phone for this video.

  10. Foxy Panda says

    Me:Lets set this as a wallpaper phone:dies from one pixel ?

  11. Wired Wrong says

    Was the image and values of your lighting changing in the back ground to try and brick someones PC or phone?

  12. Carl John Cafe says

    I try it and my phone didnt broke its 1 month?i think weeks but my phone didnt broke and now that is my favorite wallpaper

  13. Alyssa Rojas says

    what would happen if you applied it to a chromebook?

  14. Redstone Tech says

    This is fake. Wallpapers can't crash your phone. Image files cannot contain malicious code. If it did, why would it not break your phone when it is just in your files, and if this explanation is true, then why doesn't this happen more often?

  15. Bug's Butt - The Truth Finder says

    My Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime didn't crush. Why.?

  16. Enna Hanashera says

    Lesson: don't trust downloads online. Otherwise, just take a screenshot and edit it. Apply filters etc.

  17. *brightOff * says

    When i heard that it’s happens for android :Me:oh well i’m not a part of it.. ;-; nIcE

  18. Scrap Nuke says

    When i saw the title i thought it was like a wallpaper in your house lol

  19. Muhammad Ali says

    every smart phone is my dream and need

  20. SkyLairre says

    “The resolution is exactly 1440 x 2560 that-“Wait- isn’t that a YouTube Channel Banner size???

  21. Pedro Ruiz says

    lol the sunrise of nightmares. Sorry for your loss.

  22. Sqexdy says

    Ohhhhhhh… soimport java.util.Scanner;
    public class DoPayroll {
    public static void main(String args[])
    throws IOException {
    Scanner diskScanner =
    new Scanner(new File("EmployeeInfo.txt"));
    for (int empNum = 1; empNum <= 3; empNum++) {
    static void payOneEmployee(Scanner aScanner) {
    Employee anEmployee = new Employee();
    }is the reason why my phone isn't working… ok

  23. Colm Devlin says

    My internet is bad. And I tried to put the video to 1080p and as soon as the photo showed it stoped the video lol I was really scared

  24. Justshrek2.0 says

    My Android came with that wallpaper and is a low end android

  25. Gift Banda says

    where can I download the wallpaper, please help. I wanna download it.

  26. Harley Noche says

    7:42 Pixel Luminance. 255 is also the max effect you can have in minecraft!

  27. THILA JAG says

    What must do

  28. DjFlyte says

    "DON'T APPLY THIS WALLPAPER"Links it in the description

  29. Gacha Ava says

    BOI DO IT CRASH YOUR IPHONE?!?!? LIKE THE ONE FROM APPLE?!?!? Edit:now I realize that I am a complete idiot

  30. BIG BOY says

    ?this is how many phones that got destroyed

  31. Charlie C says

    Is it safe for iPhone 11?

  32. short._boi says

    This has been on my recommended for so long and I finally decided to watch it

  33. TheAutobotPower says

    Use preview cut that pixel out and tada! not so deadly now, mr lake and mountains?

  34. Diego Jimenez Caldera says

    What if I screenshot it?

  35. Superb says

    But like whatsthe actual pointof disliking?like come up with one reason why this is a bad video

  36. Koy Stevens says

    Willit kill iPads?

  37. Nikola Tomic says

    I like your video but… In past 2 months, all platforms had few weeks of incredible vulnerabilities (iOS, Android, Apple and Windows 10 updates… There were extremely smart cookie malware viruses, transformed to spyware, ransomware (worst) and devices were remote controlled! During that time the only way you can see a strange process working in background is by locating task file and open (edit) with Edit Plus Plus (free binary text editor from Linux, created for PCs too). Infected files spread via ALL cloud files (including some well known servers like Google Photos, iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox…) implementing malicious XML code into PNG pictures! So on some devices you will see a normal photo while others will suffer factory reset… Have you tried to view “source code” file of that image and compare to any other with the same extension?

  38. Daniel Brusilovsky says

    Yooooooo deadass after watching that, I feel smarter. Holy shit that was really well done video damn

  39. Miya Y says

    People: * Use this background *That one pixel: I'm about to end this whole mans career

  40. Wenseron_ says

    I did this.

  41. Steve Jobless says


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