1. LB says

    I see that you burned an "nrg" file (".nrg" extension) – not an iso file (".iso" extension). Do you know how to burn an actual iso file onto a DVD that can be played using a DVD player using DVD Decrypter? I tried by following your video & my DVD player did not recognize the disc. That's when I discovered that you actually used an nrg file whereas I was using an iso file. Hoping you can help.

  2. Mark Hurst says

    Thank You very Informative

  3. Counting Sheeple says

    Thank you!

  4. 7echo says

    Thank you so much! You rock! Works like a charm.

  5. WebViral pointNet says

    thank you

  6. fizdog says

    Says nrg noob

  7. fizdog says

    notice the extention of his "iso" movie is .nrg NOT .ISO FORMAT!!!!

  8. Steve Phillips says

    I cannot see any free download either. But I know good free studio for making your own DVD movies, just type this: ( DVD Styler Make Professional DVD in 5 minutes ) into You Tube to see demos and link: it takes bit of time to learn to use it but makes brilliant videos once you get used to it:

  9. Oedipus58921 says

    They are actually selling the software now.

  10. Enigmo says

    It's not his fault. It's just that your DVD player does not support the format of your DVD.

  11. Johao Alexander says

    Tried it and so far it works… dvd even played on my blu – ray. I used Dvd shrink first to compress the iso then used decryptor.

  12. Jesse Hawks says

    DVD decrypter is now ImgBurn. Also a free software.

  13. huggiebean says

    @BlackMetalTroy322 The website posted is not correct, he's probably trying to make money. The real DVD Decrypter can be found here: dvddecrypter (dot) org (dot) uk

  14. Paul Cox says

    Use IMGBURN now, that is free. even uses the same settings and sounds when finishing the DVD

  15. startup97 says

    Does anyone know a good website where i can download iso movies or tv shows?

  16. devliegendecameraman says

    works, thanks, althoug not both my dvd-players play it

  17. Salim Govea says

    any of you know where to find movie isos?

  18. Lion Entity says

    @joannemarie14 a wise choice

  19. Joanne Sulit says

    Thank you it works! 🙂 I put the speed on 4x instead of max to avoid errors 🙂

  20. Marvin Diccion says

    tnx men dis rily works shet

  21. tj pendley says

    Doesn't work dvd player says incorrect disk.

  22. MultiGhost119 says

    this is a copy of imgburn program

  23. Ryan R says

    can i use daemon tool lite to mount the iso file on a virtual drive the use dvd decrypter to burn it to my computer ?

  24. Carrie Jahnke says

    Hmm…when I do this, the movie plays fine in my computer, but in my Dvd player is says Error…

  25. Khalil Jammal says

    It did not work an error came and it burned only some of it! Why is that?

  26. Mads Brandt Pedersen says

    Thank you wery much for this movie!!!

  27. OutlawzAMV says

    downloads folder = porn?

  28. MidgarFullOfFlowers says

    This worked out just perfectly! Very good video & program. Thank you!

  29. mjhmike1 says

    a man i burn some movies and they only work on like certain dvd player does this program play movie on any dvd or 360 or can some answer my question

  30. BullsEyeRocker says

    it works!!!!!!!!!!

  31. BullsEyeRocker says

    Burning right now hope it works:) Thanks for the info! Super simple……!!!!!

  32. soundthatmoves says

    Works like a charm. I used DVD Shrink to create the ISO file. I love awesome freeware! Thanks!

  33. Dulba says

    thank u i'll try this when i get the time

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