1. Mary Rose Lazaro says

    But we don't have dvr

  2. XThingz XthingZ says

    Check this camera system out!https://amzn.to/3bBANVJ

  3. Tricia Duff says

    Mine won't scan the QR code on the dvr box on my mobile any ideas why just come up cancel or skip then goes back to previous screen.

  4. Connie Steve says

    What kind of monitor is that? I have mouse on my current monitor . Its analog cameras. Thanks!!

  5. Abdullah Khan says

    Good job ?

  6. Conroy Gaynor says

    Love this video

  7. Music Corner says

    android phoni apps plz plz

  8. M. and M. says

    that is cool

  9. Michael De Lima says

    sir,maam tanong q lng po…nabebenta po ba 2nd hand neto?meron po kc aq set,,monitor lng wla kc ginamit q as a tv sa bhay.

  10. Daniel Todd says

    2days couldn’t sort mine halfway threw the video seen my error it’s working now thank you

  11. whatsaap status says


  12. nishant kumar says

    No HDMI?

  13. megascrim says

    thank you so much

  14. Faza lil Abbas Awan says

    how i view camera output saprate tvs 2 or more ??

  15. Faza lil Abbas Awan says


  16. SoSoPhayPhay SoSoPhayPhay says


  17. kanimba soleil says

    fantsitic too much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Mbabazi Moussa says


  19. Pooja Dwivedi says

    If the DVR is not connected to the camera.Will the camera record independently?

  20. Aisa Angeli L.Estrada Estrada says

    Thanks i learn a lot.

  21. Gopal Patel says

    CCTV me Mera shutdown Chuke usko open kaise karen

  22. kaleab gebrmarime says


  23. Mark Santos says

    No need internet connection??

  24. Jakir Hossain Bablu says

    thanks mem

  25. Pappu Kumar says

    Mr pappu

  26. aftab khan says


  27. MAHABUB KHAN says

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  28. alavi almanas says

    My fited 4 camera good work but now 4 month now 3nd camera screen blak no color waht. Idia

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