How to connect iMac to TV using Mini Display to HDMI Cable


MX Mini Display to HDMI Cable Model Number : 3567

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  1. Grant MacKinnon says

    I did exactly as the video suggested and no output on my viera plasma display tv ?????

  2. Ron Bonnelame says

    Hi. I have connected my imac to a TV as you have shown. Great video. However, I have an additional question. I use Logic to produce music on my imac. The TV is a great help as I can have two windows up at a time. The problem is, now my music from iMac is coming out of the TV speakers.. and not from the usb interface connected to my imac.. please help..

  3. Nicolas Ruvalcaba says

    This worked for about 30 seconds, now it won't come back on at all – any suggestions ?

  4. Tommy Ohlrich says

    The signal is dropping randomly every few minutes. Then it comes back on its own. How do you keep this from happening?

  5. Fayyad Alwaal says

    I have some questions? My IMac has flickering screen and it's costly to repair it actually I don't know which parts were defeacted CPU ot its LCD screen. So what if I use this cable can I confirm by this way. If the TV showing a good indication how can dim the Imac anf keep nust the TV in service?

  6. Justin Pham says

    which cable do u need to connect the tv?

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