How to connect internet from mobile to computer via usb tethering


In this video i will show how to share mobile internet on your computer…

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  1. M C Rukmini says

    Thanks bro

  2. shelly wan says

    Hotspot BHI chalana parega kya?

  3. Sasan Pal says

    It works thanks

  4. KESHAV SAINI says

    Very useful information

  5. Ala Suna says

    Why do you put the title in English if the video is not in English?

  6. Aditya Gautam says

    Faltu video time wasting

  7. Faheem Lodhi says

    Wow what a useful videoLoved it

  8. Deosemianwali Mianwali says

    Awesome thanks a lot

  9. Caleb Ramos says

    Does it work if i choose charge phone instead of transfer files?

  10. relian gaming says

    Maa lan gandu

  11. Kiran Patil says

    Thank u bro

  12. Muttaqui Husain says

    Can u make a video for wireless

  13. Hemavathi G Rao says

    Thank you

  14. Mrs Jowel says

    MD Juial

  15. Sajal Das says

    It really work. Thank you.

  16. Aakash Kumar says

    Mobile data ke jagah wifi chalu nhi kar sakte hai

  17. Rachi Tiwari says


  18. Anwaika B says

    Omg!! Tysm, it works❤️

  19. bariya shreyansh says

    nahi horaha

  20. rollan damz says

    Thanks bro its working

  21. Sujal Kanojiya says

    konsa cable ha

  22. BIO LOGICAL says

    Great video sir???Can my mobile will get harmed due to this connection if my PC has virus?PC is not having antivirus?Sir pls answer

  23. Arasu Govind says

    It's work. Thank u uncle for sharing your knowledge and video

  24. Tejappa Akkur says

    It's not working for me ☹️

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