How to connect MacBook Pro to a Monitor Using VGA


To connect MacBook Pro to a Monitor is very simple. In the video we used VGA Connection (depending upon your monitor’s input connection).
The resolution setting was Automatic.

Accessories used



Supports digital video resolutions up to 1920×1200@60 Hz
Compact, lightweight adapter cable fits in any laptop bag
No external power needed

MX VGA cable

MX HDDB 15 pin male to HDDB 15 pin male plug VGA cord is a cable for transmitting high quality video signals. Gain maximum flexibility positioning your monitor with MX Premium Shielded VGA Cables. MX VGA cables are designed to hold the signal up over greater distances without the need for your boosting or recording. MX constructed of premium grade shielded UI2919 certified video cable which uses a combination of coax & twisted pair to accommodate cable runs up to 100 ft away without any of the typical distortion problems associated with extended length cabling runs it has RGBHV cables technology.

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  1. Rohit Vishwakarma says

    Hey I tried to connect it via typec to hdmi and than hdmi to vga adapter but it is not wokring any way to fix this issue ?

  2. Anderson Greenberg says


  3. Mat C says

    the worst & annoying music ever

  4. Sarah Beckwith says

    Really annoying music

  5. Sam Rosario says

    If I connect my MacBook to a TV via VGA, can I use the TV as an extra screen to Drag and Drop?

  6. Marcus Seah says

    hi there, thanks for this video. i am using a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) it only has a standard HDMI port. i used a HDMI – VGA converter but it cant detect my monitor. do you know why?

  7. silverviv says

    can i extend the screens instead of duplicating??

  8. zzzoot says

    My mac cissy detecting the monitor at all it doesn't even know that one is connected

  9. Kamo15 says

    when I connect my mac on my 24inch rl series gaming monitor it streches the screen if I change to hdmi will it not strech as much because I want it full screen

  10. BreezyGuy says

    Can I connect Vga & HDMI to my MacBook?

  11. herman ho says

    Can u use a hdmi to dvi cable to connect it to a monitor


    of corse i have the only mac pro book that doesn't allow me to do what your vidio shows. i have all the right cables and hooked it up and it doesn't transfer image to the other screen. it used to work but now it doesn't. HELP!!!!!

  13. Gautham says

    can we continue using monitor for gaming and video editing ?

  14. dude99 says

    Do people know that doing all this is really bad for your laptop

  15. Asaad says

    How can I connect 2 monitors ? What adapter would I need ? Thanks

  16. Questhero101 says

    Is it possible for the two monitors to not be simultaneous?

  17. Joe Acraman says

    My monitor says no signal!! Help

  18. Sevilay Onal says

    I can't connect my macbook to my samsung monitor. I don;t know whats wrong :/

  19. Its Plum says

    Does VGA have worse graphics than a hdmi cable

  20. rumvodkaf1 says

    Is there a hdmi version for this?

  21. LegitGamer1131 says

    It's a UBS

  22. LegitGamer1131 says

    Can you hook up a keyboard to this if so will it work and sorry if that's a stupid question

  23. Jackson Fain says

    Will this work on any monitor

  24. Clyde Hamilton says

    My wall paper comes up and nothing else. 

  25. Lin Vanesa says

    can i connect my MacBook Pro (2013 13-inch without Retina display) to old tv(crt tv)?i thinking of using mini dp to vga and using vga to composite or S-Video converter box.will it works?

  26. Bruno Geyssens says

    it is possible to have a different screen on each screen (lololol) because i want to play games on my monitor and check all the rest on my MacBook.Plz answer because i checked into the monitor parameters and i can move my monitor on the right or on the left but if i don't join my screen together, my games start on my MacBook

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