How to cook Zelda dishes, in Real Life


Today we’re cooking real dishes from Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, using the authentic recipes and technique from Link himself.

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big thank you to my friend Cleo for the amazing and wonderfully cheesy voiceover!

This is obviously just a parody – please don’t sue me Blue Apron

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  1. DougDoug says


  2. Arizona Ranger says

    I feel bad for Doug

  3. WaVeYs says

    I love how he tries to eat it all

  4. Frag Ment says

    Why did he has Korean wheat flour on 1:21

  5. 999ZondaS says

    The virgin Gordon Ramsay vs the chad dougdoug

  6. Myrtle Lloyd says

    Chef Ramsey would be proud.

  7. Mooseman9000 says

    How to COMPLETELY ruin an entire fucking kitchen

  8. swich says

    Well… is not the best food 1 thing for sure

  9. Brady22 says

    Uhh this is hard to watch all that food wasted

  10. Brady22 says

    I think you need a pot over a campfire, that's why most of them tasted crappy.

  11. MrNacho814 says

    1:21His flour is korean.I thought that was worth mentioning but now that I've typed it i feel stupid

  12. jisoo chun says

    백설 찰밀가루?

  13. Random Person says

    He genuinely looks like he is throwing up on every meal lmao

  14. Gunni2 says

    xD nice 😛

  15. Amir Namvar says

    This man got salmonella from undercooked chicken for us. Show him some respect.

  16. DavinCraft_YT says

    this must have been a nightmare to clean

  17. Karnage says

    4:05 it’s like the fruit falls and says N O at the same time that hilarious

  18. Cats Are YES says

    Eats things that are literally inedibleKeeps eatingEats a cooked apple“This is pretty gross.”

  19. Doomed says

    uhhh ngl that banana looking kinda tasty

  20. WolfTube says

    Eww i hate mushrooms

  21. BabooKTM says

    Why… I thought it was something more serious, I saw a guy trying to suicide himself, WTF

  22. IAN says

    "So its not edible""Always has been"

  23. treefreeze says

    Link : finishes a dishAlso Link : OHO

  24. The public Potato says

    It feels like he’s being forced to do it like a gun is being pointed at hi.l

  25. Johnathon Spade says

    That is some burned mushroom in that fish and mushroom skewer. And he ate the skin on the banana! wtf

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