How To Create Latest Fc Barcelona Team In Dream League Soccer 2019


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This Video is about How To Create Fc Barcelona Team kits logo players in Dream League Soccer 2019 full tutorial with Android and IOS Gameplay.

Fc Barcelona Team 2019-2020 All Players,logo and kits also here into data files.
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  1. Rose khan says

    My work Fc Barcelona New kit and Logo Fcb Thanks GameTube360

  2. Mustafa Junaid says

    How when I am doing there is some crm thing coming

  3. Uptown Funk says

    Why is there no all players unlocked profile.dat in your webpage?

  4. Yahya Siyaad says

    Wow 22

  5. Mute Clan says


  6. M Bose says

    Link is not working

  7. Jeffen Alecpalna says


  8. Hasib Hasan says

    I don't download.plz help me?

  9. Ajk Fcb says

    when we do this extract would it effect other games

  10. N!hu N!hal says

    Ikk work avniolla bro

  11. Momo Fadaei says

    Hey bro how can I get Barca new kits 2020/2021?

  12. Abdus Sobahan says


  13. hasina momotaj hira says

    First I downloaded Dream League Kits 2020 and then I wrote the URL and then I wrote the exact URL and when the the download was complete,then I freaked out

  14. hasina momotaj hira says

    And I changed the my logo and kits to its original kits and logo

  15. hasina momotaj hira says

    I have those players but most of my players are 100 and the ones who are on the field,they are Marc-Andre Ter Stegen,Jordi Alba,Gerard Pique,Samuel Umtiti,Dani Alves,Luis Suarez,Sergio Busquets,Ivan Rakitic,Paulo Dybala,Lautaro Martinez and Lionel Messi


    Games football
    1.eFOOTBALL PES2020

  17. LEGENT BUDDHA says

    Good job bro

  18. Ricardoo Rodrigues Rodrigues says


  19. Inzamam Abedin says

    Vai you are great, me try my mobile, and it is work amazing woww💞💞💞💓💓💓💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  20. Ashcool says

    Does it work on apple?

  21. Esmael Demmelash says

    Yes this is work

  22. Aravind Max says

    Bro thx a lottt man 😍😍😍😘😘😘😍


    No sirve

  24. Wilfred Fernandes says

    Its not working

  25. HARSHAJIT GANGULY 8 B 36 says

    Need To Restart This Game?

  26. ali almaskari says

    Thank you very much it works for me
    Your the best

  27. aulon cakiqi says

    This really works,you're the best youtuber and dls 19 player

  28. Rama Gope says

    Guyzz,,,,,,I did the same trick on DLS 20
    And it worked!!!Try it on DLS 20

  29. mentolist-mobile gameing says

    thenk you bro

  30. Anamitra Biswas says

    This is working👍👍👍👌👌

  31. Kelly Meza says

    Im sad because i cant get the france team , kits, logo on dsl

  32. Muizz Mazin says

    Thanks bro its working successfully

  33. A.K.A Fun says

    This video is one year now

  34. ツMIKECRACK says

    Is time team Perú 🇵🇪 please 😭

  35. Miguel Cortez Jr. says

    It worked!!! Thanks!!!

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