How to customize your live stream with Facebook Gaming overlay themes and alerts


Want to customize the look and feel of your stream? There are over 30 free Facebook-specific overlay themes available in Streamlabs OBS. Themes are a great way to add an extra flair to your stream and stand out from the crowd. A banner graphic is also included when you install a theme so that you can upload a cover photo to your profile page that is consistent with the theme of your live stream.

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  1. sri lakshmis garden says

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  2. gamalielsierraalta says

    how do I add custom sounds on streamlabs obs?? I'm going crazy trying to find instructions on this


    Did you use a DSLR for this video ? I love the blurry background can you do this in stream labs OBS without a green screen ? Like modifying the background?

  4. Trapp Starr's Gaming Channel says

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh !!!.. ive watch 100 vids and not one of them shows me how to add my remote play video to the theme with out the remote play screen blocking the theme.. AAAAAHHHHHHH. can some one help me?

  5. Creative Thinking says

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  6. Jaivallabh Pandey says

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  8. giovana Rosa de Saron santos says

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  21. Daddy Joe PH says

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  22. Ethyling Mc says

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  23. Supir Ngapak says

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  24. dadi boom says

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