How to Holiday in London: By a Londoner – 5 Days Travel Vlog & Guide


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I have lived in London for 18 years so have never really seen London through the eyes of a tourist. That’s about to change! In this vlog, we show you how we would spend 5 days in London as a tourist to get the most out of this amazing city.


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0:00 Intro
2:03 City of London
6:39 Thames Walkway
9:17 Westminster
11:10 West End/Soho
12:31 Greenwich
15:00 West End
18:19 Day trips from London
21:55 Natural History Museum
22:42 Camden
24:05 Covent Garden/Soho

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Links for the some of the places referenced in this video:

* Tower of London:
* Katharine Docks time table for mini festivals:
* London Wall Map:
* One New Change:
* Sky Garden:
* Jubilee Walkway Map:
* Barrafina:
* Gordon’s Wine Bar:
* Fake 10 Downing Street:
* Afternoon Tea:
* Marriott Grosvenor Afternoon Tea:
* Tips for booking theatre tickets:
* Theatre:

Photograph of 10 Downing St from

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    Jam first then cream

  4. Елена Строкань says

    Thank you so much for this video ( I am crying because it is so beautiful place)

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    am here.

  6. Easy cooking with Hina Jabbar says

    So beautiful city

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    Excellent British accent and travel vlog ever! From love

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    So amazing video and very informative for everyone 👍👍👍🙂

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    please do more london video, hidden places or walks

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    Пацаны выручайте, нас училка просит сообщение сделать по этому видео, срочно, про что тут говорится

  12. adelbert menezes says

    Hi, I live in london but i loved this video, the best london video , a small request ,please video slowly you are very fast

  13. Aninda says

    Wonderful …thanks for the lovey video 🙂 I have been to London twice and yet to explore more of the city.

  14. electro_dex says

    Jam before cream because you can't spread the jam very well if it's on the top!

  15. Luiza postolache says

    OMg, thanks for these videos. I live in London since 2013, but I never managed to visit all these nice places! I definitelly got to see all of them, cheers mate! 🙏🏻

  16. Nepalgram says

    It is interesting to see London – Thank you for the great content – you guys inspired me to make video of landmarks in Kathamandu. Thanks !!

  17. oswaldo partidas says

    Great video of London! I had to postpone my first visit to London due to the pandemic. I noticed that the Big Ben is still undergoing renovations. I'd love to schedule my trip for when the renovations are completed. Would you know when will they be finished? It'll help me better plan my trip. Thank you!

  18. natia natia says

    How do i get to the place at 14:08?

  19. John Hill says

    Thanks for the video love it .

  20. Mj Tabal says

    My family and I should already be walking around London this week if not for the pandemic. Trip’s now postponed till things get better. Thanks for this amazing London guide! Hope to get to visit soon. Stay safe!

  21. G P says

    Realy well done, informative ,& beautifully photographed. It really is a beautiful Sad and odd to watch as we teeter in and out of lockdown. I hope this changes for us all soon. Thank you for a great video tour.

  22. Mitty M says

    I don’t know how I got here but this is one of the most impressive video I’ve seen in a very long time. Fantastic job, well done 👍

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    How do you do!!! I'm Princess Marilyn 🏰✨🌹👑

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    Esta muy chulo el video 😁🌟 saludos desde República Dominicana// It's so cool the video, greetings from Dominican Repúblic

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    people might not be shopping on the high street as much as they did but as long as there are cafes and stuff theyl come wont some

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    The thumbnail of him and the queen 😹

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    Dude! What song did you use at 12:31?! Shazam isn't picking it up, but I love it!

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    I hope things go back to normal soon and we can all travel again!

  30. Rita Freeman says

    Watching this while not able to travel, but if I get to go to London again in the near future, this will definitely be my travel guide, I’ll watch it again and take notes 🇦🇺🥰

  31. Jenny Bassam says

    Just watched this in lock down, really amazing the amount you managed to get in to this video, really interesting, thank you

  32. Epic Ellen says

    Oops! Sorry, I meant 18th Century house where Dr. Samuel Johnson lived

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