How to improve endurance and core strength | Soccer training drill | Nike Academy


Want to survive pre-season? FFT can help courtesy of this summer workout from Jon Goodman, performance director for the Nike Academy.


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  1. Traski Traskola says

    He looks like ex Wimbledon Jon goodman…

  2. Phonezy says

    Thanks, Amen! ??⚽️

  3. Tamara Herrera says

    Does Episoketren System (just google it) help me improve my soccer skills? I see many people keep on talking about this popular training program.

  4. Tsetsa Tseta says

    Thanks for the info

  5. Max Rumsey says

    Y’all is bitches you don’t know what being in shape is try motocross your heart beat goes up to 220 beats a minute it would kill any other sports player


    good job boys

  7. YouTube Drifter says

    We gots some Chorin to do boys.

  8. Roberto Santos Cavalcante Cavalcante says

    Muito bom

  9. Nayeem Sikder says

    I interested with football

  10. Becks Online says

    My one lonely ear

  11. Sean Wickham says

    Is the Nike Academy the former name of what is now the IMG Academy, or did they simply change venues?

  12. Joseph Andrews says

    I really like the session. I heard you say that the session runs approximately 25-30 minutes but was wondering how many intervals of 4 minutes do you do and how much rest time in between each 4 minute interval. Thank you

  13. sk said says

    Be sure to read Soccer Training review on my blog before you buy. Go to noahreviews. com/soccer-training-review/ Thanks. Lpd Erich.

  14. Guybrush Good says

    hi! could you tell me please how many yards the cones are apart? how many abs, pushes and thruts? how many sets? thanks!

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