1. Sanjok Thapa says

    when its downloaded and i try to open it shows unable to open

  2. Duncan Dimanche says

    Aso you are not providing the link to download the app….

  3. jiwan parajuli says

    blackberry z10 android apps get downloaded and installed but it does not run it doesnot opens and in exist directly please help mebut before i upgrade my os it was running all apps

  4. kelz boum says

    what is the website

  5. Eren CSGods says


  6. Antoinette Manker says

    where is the link for one mobile market?

  7. youyida says

    how about youtube apps?I try,but it wont load any video

  8. Afzal Ozil says

    Where is the link

  9. Arthur Tshabalala says

    great it work

  10. Rohit Rana says

    yes great it`s working and great way for the understand.and i install the 1 moblie market. thnk you very much.

  11. Pravin Kumar says

    It works perfectly for me! on BB Q5

  12. bharadwaj nagasuri says

    i am unable to open apk file after downloading 

  13. Abdulai Bah says

    I just tried this. Successfully installed One Mobile to my Z10 but non of the Android apps I installed was able to work. Sites like Firefox, Opera and OneNote don't work. In fact I have not yet been able to successfully run any Android apps downloaded  on the One Mobile marketplace on my Z10. Will post if this changes. 

  14. TechPimp says

    Does facebook messenger and Amazon app store work???

  15. Lynn Ward says

    it works and I've been looking for months on how to make the square work on my BB.  YOU ROCK!  that was so easy!

  16. William Williams says

    Awsome. Thank you so very much. It really truly works.

  17. Srijit V says

    thank a lot. works rely well 🙂

  18. Niranjan Reddy says

    in my mobile it is unable to install apk file wil any one help me

  19. AJ Flinchum says

    Great video hommmi!!

  20. Ross Chikko TV says

    If i get a paid apk+data file from torrent . Can i still install it.

  21. Mouza Al Mazrouei says

    amazing , thanks

  22. aravind l says

    Awesome Dude 

  23. Malay Gawde says

    Thanks Bro !!!

  24. adnan says

    Thanx a lot brother GOD BLESS U

  25. Maksym Los says

    what about akku? Do the android applications still eating a lot of power killing the phone in 3-5 Hours?

  26. gaza boss says

    where is the link

  27. Derek Matarangas says

    Best phone! Love it

  28. NinjanoSeishin says

    Snap for BlackBerry is much better IMO. Still needs to be side loaded, but the nice feature is that it generates a ghost Android ID that identifys to Google Play Store that your device is running Android 4.2.2, so it will only show apps and games that are compatible with that Android OS version.

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