How to Install Pygame (Windows 8/10)


In this video I explain how to install pygame, the python module, in windows 8 or 10. This is fairly simple and should not take you more than 5 minutes to complete. A lot of people think that in order to install pygame you must download the .whl file from there website. This is incorrect. Python by default comes with something called pip (package installer python), that will help you install it much easier.

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  1. Liam Gaeuman says

    python3 -m pip install pygame==2.0.0.dev6

  2. sharon portocarrero says


  3. Dikshya Survi says

    i want to know how did YOU get your basics so clear on python?

  4. Nepali Facts says

    It don't work on my computer

  5. Adrian Milacski Lobo says

    How do I add python to path if I didn't check the box at the beginning?

  6. Ashish says

    The voice is not clear

  7. John Smith says

    Im stuck at 3:10. In the Environmental Variables on my computer, there is no link to "Path" in the User Variables but I did find it in the System Variables. I went ahead and edited this "Path" following the tutorial. Furthermore, my python directory doesn't end with 36. I typed it just the way its in my system. I continued back to the command prompt but still no success. Any ideas in this matter?

  8. noahgamer says

    He skipped vista HMMMMMM

  9. brentton games says

    it says Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "<pyshell#0>", line 1, in <module>
    import pygame
    ImportError: No module named pygameon python shell

  10. brentton games says

    it says it worked but i do not see it on here

  11. Ratul Alam says


  12. Family Smith says

    I installed the latest python and did it with the path box checked just like you said but pip still isn't recognised as a command and it still won't let me download pygame?

  13. Beat My Meat says

    This still doesn't work, I've tried both 'pip install pygame' and 'python -m pip install pygame', thought they did install, my pycharm community edition says there isn't a module named 'pygame'

  14. POPCORN engine says

    Very useful I was trying for an error video and this the one

  15. Angie Plays says

    hey… my windows 10 is trash and some kind of permission is blocking the pygame installation, how do i fix this?

  16. govardhanarao sangadi says

    Sir good morningWarning: you are using pip version 19.2.3, however version 20.1.1 is should consider upgrading via the python-m pip install–upgrade pip

  17. Meerkat says

    Thank you so much, it really helped.

  18. paresh meher says

    I am using windows 7 32 bit os…I done the second path method as u shown still can't access the pip what should I do…??

  19. Stuart L says

    Hi Tim. I have installed python 3.8.3 and pygame will not install.I checked the path box before installing. In the command promp I type in pip and there is something there. But when I type pip install pygame a lot of error messages come up.

  20. Bejamino G says

    pip' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

  21. Liam Walsky says

    how do you open a whl file?

  22. Myles says

    Thank you so much <3

  23. Annie Shi says

    why cant i edit my code

  24. S Mupp says

    Legend! I hadn't clicked add to path. I found it easier to just uninstall python and then install it again, this time clicking the correct option. thanks for the help.

  25. OhGoodJobU says

    easier way to put it to path if you didnt already. go to the python installer, open it, click on "Modify" then press next, and then click "add to element variables". boom. (im not an expert i just tried this and it worked so if you have questions i probably will not awnser them)

  26. almo nut says

    if i type pip install pygame it says requirement already satisfied but if i try to import pygame it saysTraceback (most recent call last):
    File "<pyshell#1>", line 1, in <module>
    import pygame
    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pygame'can anybody help me pls

  27. IZY2091 says

    I had to run command prompt with admin but it did fix my issue thanks

  28. GmodFilmsTR says

    tank u for lerning me hoe 2 downlud pygaem

  29. Lorenzo Corbella says

    guys, honestly, if you get the pip error, just modify python installation and check the "add path to environmental variables" box. It's much easier, you can do it in literally 30 seconds

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