How To Jailbreak iOS 13.7 🔓 iOS 13.7 Jailbreak (NO COMPUTER)


How To Jailbreak iOS 13.7 – iOS 13.7 Jailbreak (NO COMPUTER)

Hi everyone today I show how to jailbreak ios 13.7 without computer now! It’s a super easy method to setup! simply follow my instructions and you’ll install cydia on your iphone or ipad right away! My tutorial is the only legit way to jailbreak ios 13.7 untethered so get on it while it’s hot! The guide only has to be done once and you’ll have it on your device permanently!

This ios 13.7 jailbreak is the best exploit ever released by far! It’s incredibly easy and the best part is that it’s 100% untethered! Complete my installation steps exactly as I said in the video and if the jb doesn’t load within 30 minutes just do them over again!

Cydia is my top jailbreak suite for all apple devices! The tool is so easy to use and works on all A12 devices and even the iphone 11!

Thanks for watching guys!

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  1. AppFam says

    >> DOWNLOAD LINK: 1:33
    If you have any troubles with the ios 13.7 jailbreak:
    1. LIKE THE VIDEO (will check)

  2. Jhon Canole says

    This method is incredible, I followed all the steps and I was able to Jailbreak iOS 13.7 from my iPhone without any setbacks, it was super easy and also totally free, great job

  3. Ladjel Menad says

    Great friend, your method worked perfectly for me, I managed to Jailbreak iOS 13.7, the best thing was that I did not use the computer, thanks, great contribution.

  4. DeviL says

    Wow this works. It really does

  5. Jeck Jon says

    Very helpful vedio for iOS. 👍

  6. Bhola nath Gupta says

    Wow… great hack. This interesting idea..i will try fast

  7. Md Zafar says

    excellent information about jailbreak iOS 13.7 great tutorial thanks for sharing

  8. Nupur H says

    Amazing video . I did as told in video & it was quite easy & simple to try. Thks

  9. Petar Petrovic says

    Just amazing, thank you for share

  10. Dori Madrileni says

    Works perfectly for me. Thanks so much 👏

  11. Joydeep Debnath says

    This is indeed the latest and perfect way to Jailbreak iOS 13.7 which actually works. good job done. Nicely presented

  12. P Das says


  13. mohamed shahid says

    Very good video

  14. Jose Araújo says

    excellent method to perform in my iphone the jailbreak, thanks a lot bro! i like very much this version 13.7

  15. Sks Ksk says

    I needed to jailbreak my iPhone and this method was the only one that worked for me, thank you very much, you saved me.

  16. Musulman 4907 says

    Thank you very much for teaching us this trick,it works very well,regards

  17. Petter Oakley says

    Wow man..Amazing … I followed your tutorial step by step and managed to successfully Jailbreak iOS 13.7. Tks man

  18. Martin Mutugi says

    Wow, first time to see this work. Thank you.

  19. Owen Gilbert says

    I accidentally found this video! Tried it and I did it! Thank you so much!

  20. Md Abdullah says

    Interesting video really that has clarified many doubts regarding this subjec, very explanatory tutorial which I will apply. very grateful thanks for sharing this video

  21. Ryan Joey says

    Wow this really worked! I was really able to jailbreak ios 13.7 easily by following these steps! thanks 😀

  22. Sebastián b says

    Wow man, excellent video. I try it and it really works. Very helpful, keep going!

  23. Dan Shantojyoti says

    This is the only genuine video on iOS jail breaking 13.7. I really appreciate this video on this topic. Thanks

  24. Junior Hessing says

    Really love this presentation, learn a lot, I try this hack and it really work for me. Thanks a lot

  25. Nassar Hussain says

    it worked on my phone and thank you for the video

  26. milosax02 says

    I highly recommend this well done video tutorial for Jailbreak iOS 13.7 … Here presents a valuable guideline that describe a lot kinds of information. everything is very clear and simple explained.

  27. Marlonsito Prunita says

    Excellent video friend, I was looking for this Jailbreak 13.7 for my iphone and it has worked perfectly, I recommend them guys, easy to use.

  28. larry aron says

    wow this is the much needed trick to pass this unbearable lockdown. thanks so much for sharing. I got the ios 13.7 jailbreak done and I thank you for that.

  29. Ridwanetech says

    Really I was looking for something like yours! I am a beginner and I want to train myself with heroes like you!

  30. Protik Talukdar says

    Your method work perfectly thanks for sharing

  31. Rita Paul says

    Great method to jailbreak video thanks for sharing this video I recommended this video all my friends

  32. Mohit mishra says

    This worked for me

  33. Walter Shamu says

    Wooow this is amazing. This is the first I have seen that really worked. Thank you for the tutorial 🤝

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