How To Kick A Soccer Ball – 3 Soccer Kicks You Must Know


How To Kick A Soccer Ball Review – Check out my Soccer Training How To Kick A Soccer Ball Review and discover how learning these 3 soccer kicks can help you fast track your ability to drastically improve your soccer skills.

How To Kick A Soccer Ball Review

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  1. Regan Branch says

    Does Episoketren System (google it) help me become a better player? I notice lots of people keep on talking about this popular training course.

  2. Cheeko TK says


  3. Dominic Parker says

    You use your FOOT to kick a BALL Hmmmmmm why would it be called football I wonder?

  4. MIDO TV DZ says

    you speek arabe

  5. Lorenzo del Rio says


  6. horst32111 says

    What is the best product or brand to improve your soccer game? I read plenty of superb reviews on the internet about how Episoketren System will help you increase your soccer game. Has anybody tested out this popular training course?

  7. Devon Bennett says

    cool I like kicking a ball

  8. King Luke says

    I was also able to kick the soccer ball all the way across the field from one goal to the other.

  9. King Luke says

    My coaches taught me how to do this.

  10. Hogwarts Student says

    The dude in the back passing back the ball seems like he is a good goalie

  11. Blox Channel YT says

    2:21 panna

  12. Kai Cheesman says

    I hate how Americans call football, soccer. ??????? football was made before, ?? football

  13. Yoitstheinternet says

    It’s kinda sad to admit but ever since I learned how to curve the ball ive never been able to kick a ball straight can anyone help?

  14. Daniel Amankwah says

    I need more kicking ??

  15. An Ru says

    Nice. Thanx for the tips. Alot of videos say and show you how and where to kick the ball but not to many actually teach with what part of your foot to do it with. Thanks for the tips.

  16. kan hime says

    what's ball name?

  17. Aaryan Gaming says

    SubtitlesAre covering your guidance

  18. Hohn Dohe says

    I bus sure

  19. pj dollar says

    I just played soccer today

  20. shulkerbois says

    Yee yee

  21. Harsha T says

    so in a different video, it said do not let the ball have bach spin

  22. JB's Epic World Of Fun says

    What about outside the foot shot ? with back spin.

  23. Brandon S says

    was not surprised the goalies name was chaz

  24. Greg Aubert says

    My son said … how to do a high long kick

  25. NT_23 says

    Yeah yeah we all have 3 jabulanis…

  26. ELSUE JOHNSON says

    Nice to be conscious of the none-kicking toe pointing at the target. That way you can maintain pinpoint accuracy.

  27. Good Steward says

    aren't those three soccer balls like $3,000 in total

  28. Husain Daud says

    I am 40 and started playing football since last 6 months,hopefully I am not late.Love your channel.

  29. bunion122 yeh says

    1:39 fat ass running with a soccer ball

  30. King Crimson says

    my favorite part was the shirtless dude running track

  31. xxkidgame says


  32. Troy Cord says


  33. Troy Cord says

    yout g ay

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