How to LOSE WEIGHT + Stay Healthy in Quarantine! *quick and easy meals


staying healthy in quarantine has been so hard! but wanted to share my weight loss struggles and show myself getting back on track during this time! Remember I am NOT a Doctor and this is what i’ve found works for my body! Everyone is so so different so be gentle and kind with yourself during this time! Love you guys so much! xo -Alisha Marie

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What I Eat in a Day to Lose Weight:
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*just wanted to say again that i am not a doctor and am just sharing tips that have helped me! Be sure to consult with your own doctor or nutritionist!!


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  1. AlishaMarie says

    Just another reminder that you are beautiful no matter what freaking shape or size you are…a number on a scale doesn't define you!! and especially during such a hard time right now we need to not be so hard on ourselves if we've been off our game at all! Love you guys so much!! What are your fav snacks rn??

  2. Name Man says


  3. mariii sznnn xx2 says

    spaghetti squash

  4. Yas Yas says

    Sprinkle some tajin on a mango ? it’s so good

  5. Donica Gracia says

    It makes me happy that she actually eat cucumbers with tightening because I actually used to eat that when I was 10 years old and up and eat it with watermelon and find it really enjoyable and is really happy that she also likes it and other people and YouTubers too?❤

  6. Rachel Grobbelaar says

    Spaghetti squash

  7. Michelle Dominguez says

    Try tajin with watermelon, mango, pineapple. ? I add some to my vegan ceviche also ?

  8. Monica Lisa Rose says

    Sphagetti squash!! Also healthy snacks video all the way ??I've been rly struggling to find tasty healthy snacks

  9. Dustee Shaffer says

    Spaghetti squash

  10. Anjie Britton says


  11. Bjorg Oladottir says

    Spaghetti squash

  12. aleena khan says

    Tajin recipeWatermelon and tajinPinnapple and tajin

  13. Carson MacLeod says

    Spaghetti squash

  14. Katarina Roy says

    Me watching this video with a chocolate bar in my mouth ???

  15. Sofia Marie says

    Spaghetti squash!!

  16. Emily Alonso says

    Tajin with mango and watermelon is amazing

  17. Dalila Barajas says

    Mago and Chamoy!!! Or even tajin

  18. Kimberly Royce says

    If you want more flavor on the cucumber,squeeze a lemon and then your put the tajin. Me and my sister fight over who gets to drink the lemon juice with the tajin?

  19. Katherine Smith says

    Spaghetti squashhhh

  20. Kenz says

    Spaghetti squash

  21. Bianca Lambarena says

    Alisha add lime or lemon and salt to cumbers thanks me later

  22. Payton Tate says

    I know I am late but I like to put the tajin in my egg white omelets along with some cheese

  23. • Kaitlyn • says

    Wow now I’m hungryyyyy

  24. Julianna Mary says


  25. Leoni’s Club Chanel says

    Watermelon and tajin it is Heaven ?????

  26. Kaley Romero says

    I do ? cucumber l lemon ? and tajin it’s delicious ??

  27. Evan Linehan says

    Tajin on citrus

  28. Hamilton Obsession says

    Omg I watched one video, and then now all of her videos are in my recommendations and watch a lot of her videos ?

  29. Natnat vlogs says

    She actually has seasonings she not like the rest

  30. Kookie Hyung says

    Well my dad almost got me married to s1 I don’t know during quarantine ?

  31. Ukulele tutorials 101 says


  32. Taleeia Rush says

    Spaghetti squash haha

  33. Aileen Lopez says

    honestly any fruit with tajin is so good, mango, watermelon, orange and lime and salt>>> ❤️❤️

  34. Camila The Star says

    Try watermelon with tajin

  35. Sophya Lucas says

    You should make a hoodie that says tiktoking all day everyday.

  36. katie Trusty says


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