How To Make A Cluster Computer (Part 1)


Learn how to make a cluster computer using Raspberry Pi’s! You can also use this method to build your own super computer.

Parts you will need:

2 or more Raspberry Pi’s –
SD cards for each Pi –
Power Cables for each Pi –
Powered USB Hub (optional) –
Networking Cables –
A Hub or a Router –

Build Instructions:

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  1. mary jay gomes says

    0:20 wish it was edible ?

  2. J Conroy says

    Funny and informative. Thx!

  3. Galaxy Military says

    Can you make powerful smartphone with this method

  4. Emphasis213 says

    Tom Cruise @ 3:20. You lost me at hello.

  5. sanfighter1 says


  6. Dave Derp says

    Does it have to be 16mb for graphics?

  7. SlowPCGaming says

    Hell after 6 slices of pie you may as well plant a fork or spork into the middle and chow down on the whole thing. Counter your sugar overdoes with some nice smooth ice cream 🙂

  8. Clash Robert says

    Your channel name sounds like an insult yet so friendly!

  9. Marcos Garcia says

    for anyone who's wonder how the pis have IPs PnP (plug and play) networking devices assign ips by default because they have a certain things pre configured on them like a DHCP server

  10. Syadul Ulum says

    Can we use Raspberry Pi Cluster to play Windows game with Wine.?

  11. Mini tomate says

    So I am a step closer from evolving my 4 pies into 1 super-pie.

  12. Vandy5000 says

    This video made me feel old…. I'm 23…

  13. Victor Arjona says

    Is it possible to connect other non-rpi computers with this method? I'm trying to build a cluster composed of computers I have lying around an slurm is not working for me!Thanks for your videos

  14. The Tired Programmer says

    Could I still run another operating system on the cluster computer (like kali linux for example) and how would I do that?

  15. david wilson says

    I'm also interested in @moher4 idea of combining 2 3 or 4 or more old tower computers together tandemize all of them working together

  16. julio paiz says

    Hi, thank you for the tutorial, i have 1 question, Win32 Disk Imager asks what hash to include… options are: MD5, SHA1 and SHA256, wich should I choose?

  17. RK_Beelze says

    it cant find the command "aptitude" when installing python at 4:57


    Can you use windows in raspberry pi

  19. mohmed badr says

    can i do this with Linux and only on two PCs

  20. jeffreyfuhz says

    impressive and overwhelming.. I have so much to learn…..

  21. Anderson David says

    t is better to use so many, together this is for multiplayer emulation.

  22. TBB747 Sirens and Alarms says

    Now there's a Pi 4B!

  23. Sliyaroh Modus says

    His tutorials are rather sparse on the details.

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