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While everyone might have their own thoughts on the rest of the menu, one thing we can all agree on is that McDonald’s french fries reign supreme when it comes to eating some perfectly crispy and flavorful potatoes. But what makes them so good? Well thanks to MythBuster’s Grant Imahara we learned a little bit about the process and then took those tools to engineer the best french fry we could make at home.

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  1. DD Productions says

    Let the Belgian people explain the best fries

  2. ChipChip Eater says

    yo when the video was about to finish i bet she cut the seen when she run turned off the camera and went to go eat that patato she threw

  3. monica amison says

    I know I love french fries from McDonald’s I asked for them every day I die for them

  4. Saurabh Sings says

    Wait ur saying French fires is not vegetarian lol

  5. Saurabh Sings says

    Wait ur saying French fires is not vegetarian lol

  6. Foodik - פודיק אוכל טעים בצ'יק! says

    Very tasty thanks ❤️❤️❤️


    I. Love French fries


    I. Love French fries

  9. Мне нравится черный цвет? says

    My mom gonna make it thank you

  10. Black Magik says

    This is like eddie murphy's moms burgers.

  11. The No Name Studio says

    there a easy mode for this buy fries

  12. Maham Hadayat says

    Not even close to McDonald’s 🍟 disappointed

  13. Noelia Ramirez says

    Tried this in a Hispanic home no one would listen to me I told them the ingredients nope just did it in one go and boom fries but not like McDonald's

  14. Daytion Animation says

    McDonalds: makes the fries with acids etcMe: Why acid? Why just cut them and deep fry them?. It's more healthy

  15. The Butterfly Wizardess says

    Any other oil options besides peanut oil?

  16. P7643 yt says

    Little tip.Load a whole truck load of salt on your fries

  17. Carla Perez says

    corn syrup, disgusting

  18. Bizarre says


  19. Just some guy with half a Mustache says

    If you're try to gain muscle add some steroids in to the mix

  20. Summer Boi says

    So she means that the fries Mac Donald's supply India has beef fat in it?

  21. Huy Pham says

    Nobody gives a shit about kfc french fries.

  22. The lit Simpson says

    5:01 oh don’t worry, I crushed it! 😃/ | |/

  23. Weebaku Wesnaw says

    Grant Imahara just died at 49. 😩

  24. RobbiePNA says

    Who else was trynna make fries but had to take a shit

  25. BigSmoke-FanClub says

    Fake, I don't see any ingredients made out of plastic.

  26. Marisha’s Vegan World says

    3:29 why not add the meat to the French fries?Regardless of what animal product you use, weather it’s animal secretion or flesh, an animal had to be forcibly impregnated, had their babies taken away from them, they had to be separated from their mothers, be mutilated, tortured, exploited and had their throats cut open for few minutes of meal you don’t need.That’s WHY. 🌱 Go vegan!

  27. Kn1v says

    I didn’t know McDonalds uses real potatoes…

  28. Kendyl Heyer says

    I love your videos so so much!

  29. MightyRoy says

    Her fries are burnt. They probably taste burnt too.

  30. svnnyali says

    When ur allergic to peanut ingredients:

  31. Ross Modesto says

    The girl making the fries 😍😍😍😍

  32. Mmadira Maswanganye says

    Thank you for the recipe it was nice 😊😊

  33. Dhanuddhara Eriyagama says

    4.43 thank you very much

  34. Lojic Gaming says

    Who else is here for quarantine 🤣

  35. life with shaymaa says

    Who's watching this in 2020 ??

  36. supplied crib141 says

    0:53 no shit I thought it was started with fuking egg plants

  37. Jew Eaten says

    Jeez im hungry

  38. Boba Lover says

    I’m a BIG lover of McDonald’s fries

  39. Danne man says

    Oh, what u say is "Russet Potato" thank´s god for google! Please tell the subtitler as well….. 0:52That's kinda important when it comes to make the most famous fries ever known

  40. mendie says

    ok but whats with the moan

  41. Malina 123 says

    They don’t use this recipe in McDonald’s all over the world. Here in Norway the chips don’t contain any beef flavoring or fat. McDonalds fries here in Europe are vegan , so a lot of people are happy about that. The European or Eu rules for additives to food are much stricter that in the us. In India they luckily also are vegan, don’t know about the rest of the world

  42. ayesha sha says

    My kids were like uuhhh when they saw the overcooked fries

  43. Logan Gamings says

    4:43 ok then

  44. Logan Gamings says

    Who is here when Mc Donald’s is closed

  45. Sabs Just wanna have fun says

    They look waaay better


    I'm hope I'm can do it

  47. Alida's world says

    your package here , waiting for u

  48. Meryem Masmouma says

    Merce becoup cette vidoi et très beau

  49. K-TAB says

    McDonald's without salt isn't McDonald's

  50. eleanor moran says

    pop sugar pop sugar sugar pop pop

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