1. Poojan Parmar says

    You must have to mention you are using Mac😒

  2. L.T. Dan says

    Thanks So much Paul.. That video was short, sweet and to the point!! Very informative and it helped me alot thru the Maze!! I especially liked how you dont "BEG" for Like & Subscribe… So I subscribed!! Thanks again!!

  3. Sara Blouin says

    The one thing I find requiring desktop use for files for is to group certain files together in a custom order that I like. Having a spacer between certain groups helps me quickly identify items I need that belong together. If windows were to incorporate this feature into folders, that would change things immensely. I do also understand grouping each of these groups into their own folders, but liking them sorted in a custom manner still prevents that.

  4. Anatoli Sen says

    Eww Mac

  5. Ming Zheng says

    ty!Just downloaded Dropbox

  6. Joseph Mullen says

    hi i was to put the oldest files to play first on my usb can you help me do this pls thanks

  7. melroy john says

    Excellent. Exactly what I was looking for. straight to the point.

  8. Prabhakar Rao says

    Thank you

  9. Kindra Robertson says

    Thank you for your help! You were informative and BEST of all easy to follow and understand!

  10. Marc Duchamp says

    I can't believe in this matured computer age that we still don't have the cascade or more advanced visual folder expansion view format available. We are still using this age old folder look. Should have better system like mouse over and your folder or file will just be view enlarged or organized for better viewing or identifying purpose. Why they do not develop folder windows to open in the width and height that we can specify so every time we open it is in the dead center and all files automatically snap into evenly spaced matter. Why do we have to sort each folder one by one?

  11. Dan Jackson says

    I use Mac High Sierra. I still cannot find a way to drag a series of
    files to a new folder and maintain their original order. Sometimes it is
    important to have your files remain in a particular order, like with
    song files for example. In my case it is with Impulse Responses used in
    music production. The problem is that when I drag a group of files to a
    new folder the order is always changed to an alphabetical order no
    matter what choice I choose from the 'sort by' drop-down menu in folder
    tools. Is their some way around this?

  12. SnuggleBunny Msp says

    Thank you so so so much!!! ❤ This was very helpful!! ❤❤❤

  13. Kitten says

    wow that's the best video so far about file sorting! I'm interested in the labeling system but I don't know how to use it properly on Windows without it being a ditto folder.

  14. MacAutomationTips says

    You might also consider using the folder action app, Hazel, for automatically moving files or trashing files based on the rules you set. SuperTab and Alfred are also very good for getting at files.

  15. Santana T Reyes says

    Great video, thanks. What program did you used to record this video? Again, excellent work and great suggestions on how to organize folders and files.

  16. William Ahn says

    I saw you somewhere but where?

  17. Joycelyn Roe says

    t q, for me to easily organize files and folders I use "FolderChanger".. google it, works great

  18. scooter12368 says

    i have 10.11 version captain. i want to organize the files in folders alphabetically. appreciate help in the steps to do this. i just to go to view and then see arrange and then sublink it to name. there is no "arrange" word in under view for that purpose.thanks for any help

  19. Roberto Auriemma says

    Thanks Paul. I like the way you use tags, I will try to use it in my filing system. I know you are not a big fun of having docs on the desktop but it does make sense sometimes when you want to have a quick access to a folder that you use regularly (eg Clients)… I discovered for that the Aliases and what it does it creates a link on your desktop (when I create an alias I drag it on the desktop) to the original folder stored in your file system . In this way you keep organized your files but you create a shortcut from the desktop. It works very well for me, I hope you will find it useful.

  20. James Carter says

    Paul, thanks for the vid 🙂 looks like you use tags quite well, I've never been able to get into them because I used them as a second form of file naming (which didn't work as I have too many files and its so much faster doing a spotlight search!). I see from your tag names its better to use them as a form of processing and handling documents, kind of like arranging various piles of documents on a desk. I think a lot of people don't use tags because they don't work as a file labelling system!

  21. javier lopez remax says

    i created A to Z folders… so when i need something (specially with clients) i go to that letter. Documents/S/Subway. 🙂

  22. Gregorio Medina says

    Buena noche Como esta usted, le escribo en Español porque no practico otra lengua y me gustaría que el tutorial fuera en Español para tener una mejor comprensión de la información: Gracias

  23. magic tricks m says

    translate to Chinese

  24. Smaffs59 says

    How do you set up tags in Windows Explorer? I know I can tag files and search for them but didnt think you could set up the tags to select for a quick search as you have. Appreciate yours is a mac

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