How To Play NCAA Football In 2019


Do you want to play NCAA Football in 2019? Follow the steps and you can be up and running in no time.

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Step 1: Download the Frosty Mod Manager and the CFB2019Mod

Step 2: Extract the .rar files.

Step 3: Move the ROSTER FILE from the CFB mod folder to the game’s save location (Documents/Madden NFL 19/settings)

Step 4: Open the Frosty Mod Manager through the folder

Step 4: Select the madden 19.exe file in the game folder,…. FMM will then ask you to select the Madden19.exe file. This is in the install path for all of your Origin games.

Step 5: Import and apply the mod.

STEP 6: To launch the game with the mod applied, press the “Launch” button at the top of FMM.

STEP 7: Once in the game, you need to load the roster file: “CFBM19DEMO”.

STEP 8: Go to Exhibition and choose Play Now. In the team selection screen, Alabama replaces the Chicago Bears and Clemson replaces the Denver Broncos.


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  1. Mr.Madden says

    Just buy maximum football 2019 it's like 20$ on Xbox one and ps4

  2. rude Floridaman says

    Give us NCAA 21 with randomized player names, randomized player names was always an option in NCAA Football so I don't understand how players can keep the company from making the game if they aren't actually portrayed in the game.

  3. Puttachart Banfe says

    Who here plays xbox

  4. Elijah Ellis says

    How the fuck is Minnesota not on the list

  5. SamIsAlive says

    this aint the reason we want college football back we want it back for the rtg and dynasty… this is cool and all but i mean this isn't rlly what we wanted..

  6. CM Punk says

    Damn it I need to switch to pc!

  7. Jordan Briggs says

    Fuck where’s my 360

  8. Ryan Rapert says

    518th like

  9. Craig Murdoch says

    I still love that a game that was made over 5 years ago still has better game play and flow then the new madden.

  10. Braylen Skit _TV says

    Can you do it on ps4?

  11. Its yo boi raymond says

    i have a question everytime i download the mod manger it doesn't do like yours instead it tells me to open word or other programs what can i do?

  12. jeffery dills says

    We need a reviewer and a ranker for fifteen minutes of games

  13. Rocha House says

    Works on my pirated copy, weird

  14. Jay Rolling says

    Looks easy. Im getting my gaming pc next month

  15. R Hogans says

    I feel like EA did the whole thing 🤷🏾‍♂️

  16. Jarod Kelly says

    Would this work on MacBook Pro?

  17. Colby Hatfield says

    Play 2014 on ps4 or xbox

  18. Ryan Otteros says

    That's not college football. The rules are different and the no recruitment in dynasty mode. Dynasty mode is what made NCAA 14 and is the reason I play it to this day.

  19. MR. SAUZY says

    I hope the next ncaa football game is not going to be like madden.

  20. Commander Watchman says

    Someone said just put NCAA College Football 14 into your Xbox 360 or PS3. I happen to agree with that simple comment.

  21. Raull Leitch says

    On my 360

  22. Ty Chaney says

    Huh? Just put it on console man. PC cost like 1300😹

  23. Garnet Knight says

    lost me at taters lol

  24. Florida Boy says

    Who DF plays Madden on PC anyway…….

  25. Glizln says

    Why couldn’t Miami Hurricanes just be Miami Dolphins?

  26. CyrusBeats Productions says

    We appreciate the effort but y'all missing the entire point why we want college football. It's not about the skins of teams, it's the gameplay, in depth dynasty mode.

  27. Imjust HereJustSayin says

    Only on CPU? FOH.

  28. Tanner Joye says

    They could've done better with Clemson's uniform

  29. Goldmonk Shields says

    This was the Championship demo…..released in January

  30. Greatest Turf Show time says

    No game can replace ncaa but of course ncaa maddens trash the gameplay sucks the mechanics sucks the commentary suck maddens a completely broken game anyone whos a true ncaa football video game player will easily know this so until ncaa comes back nothing could come close to replacing it

  31. Chucky says

    There needs to be one for NHL

  32. Justin Boyd says

    You put NCAA 14 into your 360 or PS3, simple enough.

  33. ECTHE 3 says

    What kind of PC is he using?

  34. Larry says

    Wack not on ps4

  35. Melvinn__ says


  36. Conner Ewing says

    I’m first here

  37. Nikk says

    Noti Gang

  38. Steven Dorris says

    Hope it ain't clickbait

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