How To Play The Alphorn + Make Cowbells In Switzerland | Travel Dares S2 Ep 8


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For the season finale of Travel Dares, Nico and Aj take give Caroline two final challenges in the Swiss Alps. Nico takes Caroline to play the Swiss Alphorn. Then, Aj tests Caroline’s craftsmanship challenging her to make a cowbell.

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How To Play The Alphorn + Make Cowbells In Switzerland | Travel Dares S2 Ep 8

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  1. Josie Oh says

    Nooooo please do more travel dates…. I love them ??

  2. Laura Mai Schmutz says

    I live in switzerland but never played the alphorn?

  3. Ky-la Family says

    I love Music it was music to my ears.I like watching your Channels every day

  4. Ashley Harris says

    I heard that Switzerland actually stayed neutral during both the world wars; at least it’s what I heard

  5. Kevin Shenouda says

    Please do a third season

  6. asia lamar says

    I love how the thing she puts her card in is never on and how we could clearly see it wasn’t plugged into anything at the table ?

  7. wolf girl the gach youtuber says

    This is the end?

  8. Lol Gacha ❤️ says

    It would be easy for me to play one of the horns because I play a baritone and it’s easy to change notes without the valves

  9. winterchqr says

    omg lol just noticed this vid was posted on my bday!! <3

  10. shiner1888 says

    what about Ireland

  11. ThomasJLarsen says

    Just as stupid and affected as modern TV in general.- A good example why grown men have stopped seeing TV.

  12. Yuna Song says

    i think i watched the whole seriesim deadplz make more travel daresssss I'm dying

  13. Fam Bazan says

    I go at Switzerland this year and go in egsacli that spot

  14. But First, Coffee says

    Them: Ring a bellAlso Them: "It sounds like a beeelllll" lollove these videos

  15. Nimalee Jevirajasingham says

    Me I can only blow into a straw Switzerland guy:Blows a 4metre hornMe:what the

  16. Reece the great says

    that IS TOOOO BIG

  17. petty child says

    looks out my window and hears "horns"Someone come get they kids?they having fun on that hill while someone in they house just praying for it to stop??

  18. Tamim Aflah says

    poor neighbors! I feel bad for them.

  19. hellokitty says

    everyone stop being rude it's there job there lovely and nice

  20. Pickle_Juice9 says

    These guys are the literal American stereotype

  21. Long Nguyen says


  22. Jaycee Rich Empuerto says

    4:05 She's an elephant

  23. Eevee and friends - Travel the regions says

    I want to visit Europe now

  24. Anh Tran says

    Please make a season 3 I don’t want this to end 🙁

  25. Julien L says

    God bless the editor who normalized the volume so my ears don't explode from so much over-reacting.

  26. Annie Lisay says

    4:34 It sounded like a gorilla ?

  27. bustersgirl23200 says

    They are so annoying. Please get more sophisticated people

  28. LarissaInAction says

    i am from switzerland

  29. NotParrot says

    I regret clicking on this video

  30. El Fresno says

    when your country’s stereotypes are correct

  31. Kathryn Haniotes says

    They're so annoying but its addicting to watch

  32. Conan O'Brien says


  33. Srikanth K Kolli says

    cringe laugh

  34. Mike D. says

    When I saw the thumb nail..I thought it was a ricola

  35. Sally s says

    Get rid of the screaming

  36. febi wii says

    Priceless reactions! ?

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