How To Properly Wash the Dishes


Today I show you how to wash your dishes properly. 90% of people wash their dishes incorrectly – Resulting in it taking WAY longer than required. Using these dish washing tips you’ll use 50% less water, as well as it taking half as long to complete. Washing the dishes by hand will no longer be a dreaded task – you’ll enjoy it, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you are washing them at maximum efficiency.

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  1. Laughable Gameing says

    Whenever the glass was smashing it was quite cool like relaxing ngl

  2. Living In Future says

    howtobasic: uploads how to wash disheshowtobasic 5 years later: I'll frickin do it again

  3. Z_Randomized_ GAM3R says

    No eggs was harmed during the making of this video! UNTIL…FRI-DAY! (Sounds like FRY DAY)

  4. شيبر لبانقتوايس Armi Once says

    الحين مين ينظف كللل ذااا؟؟ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

  5. Carlos Arestegui says

    Eso es demasiadoPonle like y suscribir

  6. Official Pets says

  7. First name Last name says

    How many dishes does this man own


    1:39 the aftermath of his videos

  9. Roblox Media says

    More dishes lmao

  10. Quynhanh Trinh says

    Me watching how to basicTo learn from the start now i know how to wash the dishes

  11. Demora King says

    I knew what's coming but still… Damn

  12. Alicia Ruquet says


  13. Movable Mosquito says

    0:26 washes all the crap off of the plates with water then proceeds to wash an already clean plate with soap 🤷‍♂️

  14. Glichy_the_choilt Howdie's_ it_gooin' bishes? says

    Imagine someone actually did this they would be wasting like so many dishes lol

  15. Tyhuy Phan says

    Crazy ending

  16. TaserLaser559 says

    I've been doing g it all wrong!

  17. Scot says

    This video is half normal and half funny

  18. yago quiroga says

    1:35 When you work washing dishes in a restaurant

  19. Kokanno B. says

    its funny how in the beginning everything is so smooth, and he does it correctly, and the second half he goes crazy bwahahaha!

  20. Xuanlan Tran says


  21. KENT CARGOPH says

    How to properly wash the dishes.Filipino Kids:Pathetic.

  22. SweetReleaseOfDeath says

    How to basic:enters storeManager: yehea boi

  23. Dempy says

    How it feels to be a Kitchen Porter

  24. manin do braw says

    you has visit right?

  25. lam Zi hou universe nasa show with science and more says

    Some too many friend put dish around the table.

  26. Matthew Parkes says

    This was my first video I watched on how to basic…I'm always checking the comments before I watch a video now.

  27. NoOneCares! _1 says

    one question: were did he found so many eggs?

  28. Joshua Walters says

    1:26 That Gasp tho 🤣🤣

  29. Richie Vinno agusto says

    I m not like and not surius

  30. Jay_BG says

    This is why young poeple dont know how to wash dished XDDDDDDDDDD

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