How to Record Gameplay and Voice on Xbox One!!! (No Game Capture Needed)


Hey Guys, Here is a tutorial on how to ?redord gameplay and voice on xbox one for longer the 5 mins. Hope you enjoy!!!

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  1. Lemon says

    does obs work to record voice?

  2. Anas Alkilani says

    To which device should your headphones be connected?

  3. M.C.Mikey33 says

    Does it have to be windows 10


    Instructions unclear now my step sis is stuck in the washing machine Help @vCoffeecup

  5. FortKnox0768 says

    when i do it it is laggy

  6. BigMcDee says

    Pretty much the only way. Twitch bs doesn’t work no matter what.

  7. Its AJP says

    Is there a way on Mac

  8. Scargamig says

    i know this vid is old but thanks for the help i can now make a video.

  9. Red Day's Gaming says

    This is definitely going to help me, thanks man

  10. DarthYodaJammin says

    [Screams in windows 8]

  11. Enforcer Ghost says

    Can I use a mac

  12. Tremor2000 says

    Gotta love this video manTitle = How to Record Gameplay and Voice on Xbox One!!! (No Game Capture Needed)1. You need a windows PC (Essentially a capture device)2. Needs to Have windows 10 (Once again, part of the capture devices software)3. Title states how to record game play AND voice = you use the capture devices software installed on the capture devices hardware (Hard Drive) to record you voice onto the hard drive.4. You then have to use another video editing software installed on your initial capture device (PC) to merge the video and voice together to then export the video into one file.5. Upload video to our place of choosing.Me:1. Uses xbox one to record 10 mins segments2. Uses xbox ones Upload studio software to add my voice afterwards.3. UploadsOthers trying to record live and in a professional way:1. Buys capture device2. Uploads video.Dude, I usually keep myself logged out of YouTube and I only signed in to leave this long comment as your video was horrible and has a click-bait title, good job.Have a good day.

  13. Curran Coakley says

    so first you'll need a windows 10 pcMe: Ight imma head out

  14. LIL ZENOX says

    in 2019 the app is called console companion

  15. Skyrunner1014 says

    “How to record gameplay on Xbox one” yeah tooootally

  16. OboTh3Culprit says

    Casually starts with "So you start with a windows 10 pc

  17. Its Fawn says

    It works on mobile you just have to do a little digging

  18. Its Fawn says

    Wait a minute, this doesn't look like xbox

  19. Remedies Shadow says

    Alternative. Go to you're display and sound tab in settings. Go to volume settings, then select party output and select you're headset.

  20. Rokiller says

    where do you guys find the video that you recorded?

  21. tristan howard says

    "On xbox" "first you need a windows 10 pc" great thanks man really helped alot

  22. PokexCheck says


  23. Sirevix says

    It says my pc doesn’t meet the minimum requirements to run game dvrAsus rog cg8565

  24. Khaoz says

    Would it work on a phone with the "Xbox App"?

  25. helmet4me11 says

    im trying to explain my loadout to a friend, I hit xbox button and go to capture with my mic plugged in and begin to explain stuff to him. when I go to watch video I have game sounds but not my voice, I connected to my pc with w10 and connected to xbox but still no voice sounds…how do I fix?

  26. Ding Gaming says

    Is there any other way i dint have a computer

  27. Gerbl says

    will i be actually streaming or recording a video?

  28. Samuel says

    Must I have strong PC?

  29. Just Regga says

    When you said all you need to get is a pc with Windows 10 i was like shit but thanks for the help even though I don't have windows 10

  30. TastyBurger122 says

    "First you'll need a Windows 10 PC"Shit

  31. Gunfiya says

    can you just use the standard xbox one headset connected to your pc to record your voice?

  32. Yorkshireborn says

    in new to xbox, so what you are saying, xbox allows you to record your game but doesnt allow to record your voice at the same time using a headphone mic setup… thats a bit rubbish in 2018

  33. Glenn Quagmire says

    Ok what software do u use to put gamaplay and then your commentary over it

  34. D Christou says

    how about mac??

  35. Disciplinary Disability says

    Or . . . Microsoft can get their shit together and allow the microhphone to pick up sound in the game DVR. I don't know why they don't. Sony did it with the PS4.

  36. Exaotic says

    It won't connect, even though they're on the same internet and they are right next to each other.

  37. Rookie says

    how do u find vid u recorded

  38. Zorcome Productions says

    This doesn’t work. It will stream your videos but it won’t record it.

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