How To Recover Gold From Computer Scrap with Household Chemicals


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Computer scrap has an undeterminable amount of gold. This enables sellers to charge, and get, from two to ten times what the scrap is worth in terms of the amount of gold that it contains. This video shows that it’s not easy to get the gold and that the amount of gold yielded is very low. Now you have a place to look BEFORE you spend your hard-earned money on this kind of over-priced scrap.

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  1. malcolm cliff says

    How is a good way ti remove flux from a crucible without using acid?

  2. Szoke Janos says

    Hello, very interesting, you can see the professionalism … what kind of bleach do you use, what substances does it contain?

  3. Eduardo Grossi Brizuela says

    Nice video but i have a doubt, what's the quality of the final product?

  4. michael private says

    $400 for 2.2kg of waste. he extracted one gram $58 from 0.5kg waste. that's less than $250 gold or 5grams from 2.2kg waste at $400. wheres the profit.

  5. baptiste armand says

    please manual is total ingredient chimique?(materielle,acides…)please merci thank!!^^

  6. Kayla Garcia says

    Can you just melt the gold with a blow torch or do you have to go threw this whole chemical process?

  7. Nolan Foster says

    And could you refine the gold to 24k just using the ap since you are pretty much taking out the copper nickel base metals then smelt the gold?

  8. Nolan Foster says

    Could you just neutralize the liquid with baking soda ?

  9. SilverSkeletonkey164 says

    This was the easiest step by step instruction video to understand i'v ever watched

  10. jakkz tv says

    nice viewing

  11. Lahcen Oulhadj says

    Could I make this for silver also?

  12. Nick Power says

    All that money spent for that much gold isn’t worth it

  13. Nick Power says

    They not household chemicals fool

  14. David Boettcher says

    Why use a small table band saw to cut fingers.

  15. Rob Hill says

    Only 1 gram?? That's only worth a little over $55.00 usd, Looks like with your initial cost plus cost of chemicals, etc, you are losing money.

  16. pieter kennes says

    So if i ga to our local trashpark and i steal the old computers i can make gold?

  17. FirstName LastName says

    I got a bunch of this for free long ago, I still have like 10lbs of already cut RAM fingers and processors sitting around waiting for me to get the courage and motivation to recycle the gold and other PMs from the other components.

  18. Sherill Mahon says


  19. Paul Harris says

    Loved it, Very educational, so big thank's for your time to teach this process, much appreciated for the excellent Vid.!

  20. Maurice Ebner says


  21. The Toilet Police says

    I really enjoy your videos, yes it takes one heck of a hill of beans to make a nice payout and most ebay sellers are ripping off people who are looking to profit by refinery. If the sellers would be honest and drop their prices by 80 percent or so, going back to the supplier too maybe much more people could be in actual business.

  22. Anong Maungsai says

    Lovely gold:::)))


    Modern times prospecting…


    Thank you sensa..that was sick

  25. n0beard says

    Informative video. The primary question: where should we get the various parts at a cheap price in order to make a profit?

  26. edwin berrios says

    All that for that that’s like working for minimum wage after you spend all that money in liquid powder and time ?

  27. Palash Bansal says

    1gm gold after buying scrap from so high price and all the cost incurred in material used in procedure.

  28. Rebecca Wood says

    Cool Video! I just spent the last several days taking apart computer hard drives to get the magnets and discs out (I use them for craft projects). As you just proved, it would have been very labor intensive to get all the metal off of the circuit boards due to how little precious metal could be collected. I trashed the circuit boards and sold the rest of the metal as scrap. This video showing the multistep process was very interesting though!

  29. Epicstaches says

    Actually I'd be really interested to know if one could just reuse the solution after dumping the fingers out and filtering to just add more fingers and a little bit of fresh solution

  30. Davids Enterprise says

    lot of work but interesting


    I like how you used peroxide acid first then aqua Regia.

  32. k klages says

    Thanks but i just have a one shot amount of circuit boards.

  33. Colby Merritt says

    What type of sodium metabisulfite are you use food grade, reagent, or acs grades aka anhydrous ,granular ,reagent. Please let me know the container don’t specify witch one or will the all work or dose one have a stronger composition

  34. Bloodflarepro says

    Who came after seeing nilered so it lol

  35. Bambang Pramon Sidik says

    wow amazing, great will inspiration for everyone, nice job bro!


    Just some advice, if you'd get right handed tin snips it'd make your life a bit easier. You're using lefty snips. Good job though.

  37. rain dear says

    ahhh too many step man too many stepp,i watch on archimedes channel it so simple why this look so hard to do, im looking for more easy way but this too long

  38. Vern Cotta says

    If he keeps all the gold he extracts for another 5 years he'll have an enormous profit. Gold could hit 10k to 25k an ounce.

  39. knight allen says

    when cutting the fingers off I would suggest using a metal sheer, like just a cheep H.F. throatless sheer but from the video I would say woodward fab and there benchtop sheer would help this be a much faster and precise prosses.

  40. Frank Castle says

    Congratulations! You spent more than you made!!! Yay!!!

  41. Ibum says

    Is it patched now?

  42. BanEmBat BanDu says

    اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَىمُحَمَّدٍ، وَعَلَى آلِ مُحَمَّدٍ

  43. Fareed Nooralla says

    Dear ,Very good

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