How To Repair a Computer UPS Cheap & Fast With Battery Replacement


Today I woke up and my computer was off. After investigating I found out my UPS batteries were dead but I was able to replace them and I show you how in this video. Anyone of any skill level or technical knowledge can do this. Please leave questions below in the comments.

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Q) Your title is contradictory since you installed expensive batteries
A) No, actually it’s not since I still saved $600 over buying a new UPS and it now has better batteries with a better warranty in place of the originals.

Q) Why didn’t you just sell the UPS for $20 and buy a new consumer grade one for less then $180 (the cost of the batteries)
A) Simple, there is no 2200VU capable 20amp consumer UPS for under $600 that even comes close to the specs this thing has. And let’s not forget if I did buy the generic batteries I would have done this same upgrade for $50 and even state that in the video so people can decide what they want to do.

Q) When you installed the new batteries it looks like the insulation was coming off one of the spade connectors, aren’t you worried about a short.
A) I didn’t notice this until after I edited the video, but since the batteries cannot move around in the case there is no chance of contact with metal and even if there was it’s just a ground so it would take the least path of resistance which would be the actual ground path. Might present some noise into the system though if it actually happened but I’m not confident it will.
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  1. Barnacules Nerdgasm says

    My UPS is still going strong after I did this battery replacement without any issues. The fans are now making some noise so I might do another episode of #JerryRigged on how to recondition the fans in it. I hope this helped out a bunch of you and I hope many of you picked up a UPS for free from a curb or cheap from a 2nd hand store and just replaced the batteries and got a perfectly working unit for next to no money. If you guys enjoyed this video and others like it let me know over on Twitter @Barnacules and also come check out my live stream on everyday! 😁

  2. Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer says

    3:25 Remember Car Batteries are said to produce dangerous gas

  3. Ronald Ross says

    Thanks for the video. I have done this procedure many times and the batteries usually last from 3-5 years. I always date the batteries. I, like you tried the Duracell 2 years ago and just replaced them after only 2 years. I will not be buying them again.

  4. Veni Vidi Vici says

    Need a 2020 update buddy!

  5. Waaaw One says

    I want to buy CyberPower UT1050E but the battery specification (RBP0119) is so hard to find so I still pending my decision..

  6. TwoEvilOne says

    are your duracell replacement batteries still going strong, 4 years later, or how long did they last?

  7. uK8cvPAq says

    I think you're just paying for the Duracell name there! Also a discharged lead acid battery is a damaged lead acid battery hence why they come charged.

  8. Sean Kelly says

    Why do you use a UPS? Yes outage is a pane but what critical stuff is running, bitcoin? (before it crashed) I'm watching videos in the future, you will not guess the shit that is going on, you could not make it up. Ditch gold invest in PPE 🙂

  9. Spyder Web says

    @Barnacules Nerdgasm I'm hoping you used some electrical tape on the 4th battery connector as an insulator. Because at @9:42 black wire placement, part of it's exposed against the case, and when you closed the lid. (yes, I know I'm arriving late) Also, may be a good time for a battery test, with the upgraded batteries. Condition check.

  10. Michael Hardy says

    Great this video

  11. Michael Hardy says


  12. bachi chundury says

    OK may not any use such uos

  13. xaenon says

    In addition to taking pictures, it's prudent to just swap out one battery at a time, one TERMINAL at a time. FAR less chance of getting wires crossed. Same logic when swapping out the spark plugs in your car. One at a time and you don't have to remember what went where.

  14. David Seguin says

    i know you wont read this, but i'll tell you anyways, the battery doesn't matter, the fuse and circuit in the ups matters, if the fuse and circuitry in the ups aren't properly setup then the batteries whether duracell or energizer or hell, even a bunch of cobbled together car battreirs like you said, will easily mess up anything you plug into it. basically, your ups is just using a power source, albeit the batteries exploding would be your only issue. however that doesn't happen often, and really you only need to take the ups and put it somewhere it can remain cool and some airflow (as that's the main problem with what you are worried about) and run a cord to your setup. you could have gone with several batteries that are 30ah with the same exact specifications that were in it. what i should have said in the beginning is, you are now worried about the ups batteries when initially you had that 1200$ pc hooked up to THOSE batteries. honestly though, yes you are very smart, in other areas, and i understand your concerns, i do, and im not trying to say anything like cutting you down or talking down to you, but i am wondering why you are so concerned about it, did you by any chance go online and look up the circuitry diagrams or go scour forums or even ask some people about the differences in tolerances for that model or on a forum, or call the company and get specifications for the inputs and outputs and initial amperages that that specific ups puts out into the batteries and what kinds of tolerances you should be looking for when it comes to all that? it's a bit of research i mean, but hey, if you are that worried about it, i would suggest doing that, i myself have also done so, concidering i am on this video and watched this, i have also gone through this same thing lol, but hey, we all learn new stuff every day right? similar situation, i'm just tossing some advice out there for a new video you can do and the research which you can do to also make one for this project.

  15. Kcin Platinum Gaming says

    You know something Jerry, here in the Philippines most of the teachers who work from home use UPS but connect car batteries up to them with a simple hack, we are known to have brown outs a lot … there was an electrician I knew who could power all that stuff with a few batteries in his house for up to 12 hours .. and the other 12 hours he would use the grid to charge his batteries and use all his appliances without loss or high costings… love your videos mate … 😀 been watching your videos since you left MS … to be honest best thing you ever did !!!

  16. L1l D4rkVa1n says

    ok im new, or i have been using computers all my life, but im not even consider myself in any of you guys leauge but basicly do you have a series on how to build a home server from scratch and me as a beginner builder what do you recommend to start with to extend my knowledge fast but safely?

  17. IQ is nothing says

    You really need to go to the gym

  18. Kristian says

    One of the last connectors you plugged back into the batteries were abit stipped, be careful so it doesn't touch the casing.

  19. Tony Soprano says

    i have an apc ups that also has a usb port in it and software that you can customize to safely auto shutdown your computer

  20. kepeter97 says

    this man's random "lets fix a thing" videos have more useful correct information than some reviewers' sponsored videos… Good job Barnacules

  21. Pica Delphon says

    One Big Rule TAKE OFF YOUR WEDDING RING..!!. When working on HIGH AMP Low Voltage

  22. TimmyP1955 says

    You paid through the nose for those batteries – the same ones I buy. I don't find the life of the DURA batteries to be any better than that of the Yashua batteries that came in the UPSs. But they are what's easy to get in town.The batteries are usually all in series, so Box red to battery1 red, battery1 black to battery2 red, battery2 black to battery3 red, battery3 black to battery4 red, battery4 black to Box black.Usually, one or more of the old batteries will be OK. I save those as replacements for small UPSs around the office.Note that some UPS will not turn on if they are not plugged in, which can make one think something is wrong. I think this is called Cold Start.

  23. the world says

    Opening ups difficult? not true at all. most ups have a normal plastic battery cover underside that snap in super easy

  24. Connection Lost says

    And one final FYI: This model of UPS might cost $800 but it only has twice the capacity of a 1350 VA model which costs $109 on sale. I replaced batteries on such a midrange model and it uses the exact same batteries, only just 2 instead of 4.

  25. Connection Lost says

    4:30 Always good to document these types of things, but there is only one way to connect the batteries, any batteries, to this system. You can tell with your eyes whether it's in series, parallel, or a parallel series. Then you know the voltage of the system based on the battery voltages, and you just recreate that setup. Doesn't even matter if you use car batteries, it's the same configuration.

  26. Connection Lost says

    2:20 CyberPower (this brand you're using) UPS usually has just one screw to get to the battery on the midrange models. Whether front loading or side loading configuration.

  27. BIll Geo says

    And that is considered a "repair"???

  28. Donald Smith says

    There is something to think about, You can put in LiFePo4 48 battery out side of there to make it last longer. Just a thought!

  29. Donald Smith says

    looks like a 48 volt battery pack

  30. Conchita Gutierrez says

    I don't take pictures, I simply replace one by one the old batteries, never take them all out at once. That's how I got taught to do that and to prevent wiring errors. I wonder if that's safe. So far no issues but just want some advice.

  31. rosstheguyver says

    Hi mate just wanna ask how long would that last before the power from the wall came back on ???

  32. MeLikeBigMtnDew says

    Or you can make your own ups under $300 with a couple of batteries and a inverter…

  33. danz409 says

    @barnacules nerdgasm i have the exact same batteries in mine. and i need replacement. how are those Duracell holding up?

  34. dajvman says

    Nice. Thanks for the video. Great job.

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