How To Start Eating Healthy (LIFE CHANGING)


Join Chris Heria as he shows you How To Start Eating Healthy to begin changing your life today. Follow along with him as he goes through a super quick, super effect full body routine you can do anywhere no weights or gym membership needed.

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  1. Sherlyn Ho says

    Is it me or he looks like a male Halsey!?!?

  2. Esty770 says

    I'm glad that you offer a substitute/ progression excercise for the 90 degree handstand push-ups.

  3. XavierAndresSanchezS says

    Perfectly explained! Thanks to my motivation in person ??

  4. tridev is cool says

    wait he has shirts?

  5. Benjamin AG says

    i love avocado!!!!!

  6. Waffle says

    Okay well my dude you’re literally the calisthenics god, you’re doing workouts that literally defy gravity wtf hahaha

  7. Jonas Juarez says

    Guys I promise you, take my word when I say this. My partner is a nutritionist and works with major food manufacturing companies and firms across Australia. Nestle, Arnotts and Kellogs just to name a few.Once you start to develop your diet, you will feel the benefits of GOOD food in 2-3 weeks. The biggest change that I noticed in my life ever since my partner pushed me to take on a good diet was that I used to feel sluggish and sloppy in the morning, even though I would get 7,8 or 9 hours of sleep it would often be a struggle to wake up.If you would like to know generally what my diet consists of, here it is: Red meatFishVegetables (Lots of greens)MuesliYoghurtFruitsLots and lots of WATER!!! (IMPORTANT)I will occasionally eat rice and pasta every couple of weeks to switch things up but that was a very big part of my diet that was reduced; Carbohydrates. I hope this helps some people to really take on their personal goals and challenges, everything is hard at the beginning but remember to have the humility to set yourself realistic standards and continue to build upon that and you will achieve!!

  8. khang mai says

    I wan't to vietsub…thanks

  9. Nguyễn Thị Hồng Phúc says

    ngon quá anh ơi

  10. libiskit says

    Chris heira is so disciplined but balanced & practical in his approach at the same time

  11. T- REX says


  12. Chris says

    Chris's Schedule is just so fucking perfect 8:42 I was expecting something insane like waking up at 6 and working out at 7, but my boi here is a late sleeper like me, I always thought working out was at 8-9 was bad even if you get a full 8 hour sleep but now I feel like I can just keep my usual routine without feeling unmotivated because I think im loosing gains.

  13. Nick E says


  14. Ficryy Danieal says

    Chris,can i ask? is caffeine good for your health?i heard that caffeine is good for pre workouts?is that true?…i hope you reply☺️

  15. Opportunity Knox says

    Amazing workout, bless you and be happy ?

  16. Krnex k says

    im so glad i found this! so much cool information that if i repeat to others they might start thinking i know what im talking about lol. thanks for help man. i just subscribed!

  17. Andre Mckenzie says

    You really changed my life diet suggestions / ideas. The workouts at the beginning or definitely a plus. I have lost 60 lb following your advice. This man knows what he's talking about. Faithful follower

  18. All In One Bhat says

    My father is retired commando ….my brother is doing commando training ….My father saw Chriss video …and one word came from him GENUINE …

  19. FORCUXON says

    His Perfect for Sucide Squad ..What's that fire guy again

  20. Mika Grönmark says

    The main problem for me is that I legit hate the taste of vegitables.

  21. F. Ball says

    Counting is what turns people off from eating properly, if you go with a whole foods plant based lifestyle diet then you can almost eat as much as you want, cut out met and dairy and you will be ok. screw this counting crap mate. first thing i heard you say that turns me off your channel, intermitten fasting start eating at 12 noon and stop by 7pm or 8pm very simple, too bad you went this route because it is a turn off for 90% of people, read or listen to this book Fiber fueled

  22. Cameron McAllister says

    thank you this helped a ton ❤️

  23. DJ_Bad_Piggie says

    Whats the difference between training and working out tho

  24. Jologs Production says

    New subcribers

  25. Sordum Guvatz says

    I'm a huge fan of Chris so take this as intended and that's just presenting hardcore facts. The title of this video is "How to start eating healthy" but it should be titled "how to possibly start eating healthier, not healthy." Farm raised salmon is toxic, chicken is covered in 3 ppm of residual chlorine dioxide. Most shrimp is full of sodium tripolyphosphate (STP), a rehydrating agent. NONE of that is "healthy". All fruits and vegetables in America should only be consumed if they are organic, which is "healthy". Avocado is a fruit, not a vegetable. Botanists (scientists who study plants of all different kinds) call anything with seeds inside a "fruit"! This means that tomatoes, pea pods, cucumbers, peppers, squash and avocados are all fruits, even though many people call them vegetables. Quinoa is pronounced "keen-waa", not k-noah. Whole wheat pasta or standard pasta made from American wheat comes from dwarf wheat (containing 100 times the amount of gluten as original wheat) and should be avoided at all costs. White rice is NOT healthy at all. I will be posting a fair use video commentary as a follow-up. For those of you that didn't get enough hugs from mommy and daddy, piss off. For those that can't understand the English language, I'm a huge fan of Chris and his fitness videos, the dude is super talented and easy to follow. We all make mistakes and since I'm a health and fitness coach, I know the toxic crap people put in their bodies that prevent them from attaining their health and fitness goals so I point it out with hardcore facts. Those facts will be shared in my video. For those that are strong physically, emotionally and intellectually, watch for my fair use video and live a happy and healthy life.

  26. Isaura Sanchez says

    No esta en español tu app??

  27. Rafid Ehsan says

    why is he levitating

  28. Kevin Smith says

    Quinoa is pronounced "keen-wah"

  29. Aaron Torres says

    Chris your built like a burpie

  30. Nec taR says

    6:44 did he just say he doesnt eat ass often??

  31. andrew Drew says

    Avocado ? is a fruit not a vegetable

  32. Joey Salads says


  33. crapolaist says

    You don't wake up until 10-11am and don't eat breakfast (which all studies point to being the most important meal of the day)… yeah I'm tuning out.

  34. Rick Grimes says

    “If your body weight is your gym then you can take your gym everywhere” damn that hit hard

  35. T Q L says

    Watching him take his shirt off helped me do some quick cardio

  36. Ken Horn says

    I’ve been eating healthy for years and now I’m at the point where I’ll feel sick if I eat junk such as soda, fried food, or too much sugar. I can’t believe how people gorge them self’s on trash everyday and just go on living like they are fine.

  37. Amelia says

    Mans doing this in jeans??? Dayum

  38. 사랑해요Kokoro-chan says

    10 burpees10 pistol squats per legsudo to pike press pushups

  39. HastagVFX says

    He is doing those exercises like its nothing

  40. Jonah Hendricks says

    Chris: alright lets go down stairs!proceeds several floors down elevatorMe: okay he’s kinda rich doeChris: alright now where here at the tennis courtMe: ???

  41. Twent V says

    How tall is chris?

  42. u nIcE keEp gOinG says

    i honestly want to make a salad but i hate lettuce, tomatoes etc etc. so i try to make a fruit salad but the fruit for e.g. an apple will start to become mushy and brown when im cutting up other fruits :/

  43. Amadeus D.B. says

    Wait. He only works two hours?

  44. Bentley Farley says

    When it comes to eating healthy, you have to never fall victim to modern day fad diets. Extreme diets are a danger for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your daily nutritionary intake. While they may induce fast weight loss, these diets will never be a long-term answer for your weight problem. It is best to search Custokebon Secrets on google as it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  45. Mordecai EL says

    he is so beautiful

  46. Febha Mathew says

    Maybe it’s the filmography too but just amazing xD

  47. Lacey Simon says

    Anybody tried the Custokebon Secrets (just google search it)? We've heard numerous amazing things about this popular diet plan program.

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