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*AVerMedia EZMaker, Analog to Digital Recorder:

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  1. Mark Holtze says

    Part two of this video can be found here:
    Looks at specific record settings setup for those who haven’t configured this kind of thing before.


  2. jaymaryfred says

    Haha weird, I'm watching this in Prince Edward Island (where I'm from) and am watching because I just prurchased that exact same camera lol. well looks same, Sony trv 95 is what I got. 😛

  3. Manuel Tovar says

    how i transfer video from a NTSC ZR85 CANON. THANKS

  4. ju mbamah says

    What kind of software did you need to have

  5. Rick Keane says

    I have a JVC Compact VHS GR-AX700. how to use this without using battery life?

  6. Thomas More says

    Except people routinely recorded live TV, which courts have said was legal. It's all arbitrary and ridiculous.

  7. Marcela M says

    The RCA cables from the camera only have a yellow and black plugs on one end and a black on the other end. Would the adapter work for this?

  8. Yuh boy Kevin says

    Is there any way you can make a video using the avermedia USB adapter because this thing is confusing man

  9. Whole & Balanced Life says

    hi i have the ion video 2 pc I am playing my hi8 tapes on my camcorder and I hooked up the av cords from the camera to the ion and plugged the usb into the front of the pc. When i open the software and click on capture it lets me use my zoomcam and mic but i cannot get whats playing on the camcorder to show up to be captured.

  10. Garbage old acc lmao says

    How did he do this without a vcr????

  11. useyourimaginasean says

    Thank you, this video is so helpful. Simple and quick. Loved the old stuff you showed too

  12. Atesz Sohi1983 says

    Will this work on a Multisystem worldwide vhs player?

  13. Meercatfilms says

    Hi could you pls advise me I have an old hi8 tapes and want to convert to MacBook Pro 2020 not sure which adapters are best. I tried digit now adapter but it wasn’t recognised when I plugged it into to USB port.

  14. Huseyin uras Ekici says

    Hey! Ve Got Same Handicams! 😀 But mine is made in germany and its maked 2000s.

  15. wlapin1 says

    Hi hope you can help me, have purchased all the cables and loaded the programme, but it is only coming out in black and white when transferring, can you please tell me what im doing wrong

  16. Jomit Joy says

    Which software have to install

  17. vintageceilingfans says

    You need to deinterlace your footage.. I've tried throughout the years, video capture cards and usb devices like that and non of them capture the exact footage from tapes, frame drops is most common with those plug and play devices and other video errors thats not on the tape.. ClonerAlliance Pro I just got and it actually upgrades the video and using it with a time base corrector is even much better.. It records at 720 at 60fps, and 1080 at 30fps, and it records directly to flash drive.. Don't even need a computer.. It's not a $10, $20 way but if you want your tapes to be digitized the right way, you're gonna spend some money… Buying cheap $10 devices is going to be a cheap result..

  18. Lilypop says

    BTW your editing skills are great! Awesome info, idk why I thought this was so difficult to do.

  19. Jamie Aditya says

    Do we need a dvd player in our mac in order to download the software that comes with the rc/usb Adapter?

  20. pmprod says

    When they put videotaped TV shows (sports,news, game shows) on online
    sites they digitize them and the show looks like film and loses the
    lifelike video tape look. How do you get the video tape look back on an
    online show?

  21. UcheDaPharaoh says

    hey what exact camcorder do you have?

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