How to Travel With Anxiety (Travel Guide #001)


Hey friends! New vlogs are coming SOON! I don’t travel any more (thanks illness-that-shall-not-be-named!), but enjoy what’s here. I’ll be returning soon with more vlogs.

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  1. Borders And Beyond says

    Thank you so much for sharing this ❤️! As someone who suffers with anxiety, I know all too well what it can be like travelling with it, especially to busy places! They’re really good tips for people who might not be able to control their anxiety all too well ❤️!

  2. The Roads Less Traveled Southeast Asia says

    I have been traveling alone since i was fourteen. What i learned very early on was to push my limits no matter how afraid i was. What little anxiety i do have tends to be more related to social situations. Now living in Southeast Asia going on twenty years. I personally can,t stand the tourist traps for numerous reasons. So in turn that forced me to learn to speak Thai to be able to explore many parts of the country very few if any foreigners ever visit. The smartest thing i ever did. Not only am i a better person for pushing my limits and getting away from other foreigners. But the experiences have been some of the happiest moments of my life.

  3. Family on Standby says

    Anxiety disorder sufferer here. Ironically, flying standby and having zero control of what we do has really helped out! Thanks for this video ❤


    Thanks for shedding light on a topic many people can relate to!

  5. LoufluTV says

    You're a badass ? thank you for this video

  6. QueenOfWeirdness says

    Thank you scout for this video!

  7. SimpsOn The Go says

    This is an important topic! A lot of people have anxiety and don't realize they do. Thanks for sharing!

  8. gaz riley says

    Thank You Scout

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